Chinese Herbs: Benefits of Ginseng and Gotu Kola

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Several Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years around the globe. Today we still hear and see the differences that Chinese herbs can make. However, reports have shown some Chinese herbs can cause health effects rather than only improving our h

Several Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years around the globe. Today we still hear and see the differences that Chinese herbs can make. However, reports have shown some Chinese herbs can cause health effects rather than only improving our health. This article contains some information about two Chinese herbs. These are the Ginseng and Gotu Kola. If you wish to read about more healthy Chinese herbs, please check benefits of ginkgo biloba.

1) Ginseng

The Ginseng species is a slow growing perennial plant which grows in the eastern half of Asia. Countries most particular are China, Korea and eastern Siberia.

Benefits of Ginseng

This famous Chinese herb can help heal many health issues. When suffering from cold and flu, our body temperature usually rises or falls. This famous herb can either lower or increase your body temperature when your body has problems in maintaining its average temperature.

Can Ginseng Help Improve Memory?

Ginseng was thought to be a good remedy for improved memory and concentration. Studies in the past had shown that some ginseng strands increased protein synthesis in the brain. However, recent studies found that it cannot do anything associated to brain activity.

Other benefits of Ginseng include the ability to lower cholesterol, increase energy, reduce fatigue and prevent infections. You can find a detailed list of Ginseng’s benefits through the link ‘benefits of Ginseng’.

Red Korean Ginseng for Impotence

Several studies have found that red Korean ginseng can treat or improve impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. One study gave 119 men who had mild to moderate erectile dysfunction were given either four ginseng berry extract tablets (350 mg per tablet) or placebo daily for eight weeks.

During and after this study, the doctors used the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). The authors of this study concluded that ginseng for erectile dysfunction treatment “can be used as an alternative medicine to improve sexual life in men with sexual dysfunction.” Another study found similar results.

2) Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a Chinese herb which has been used for thousands of years in China and other Asian countries such as Indonesia and India. This herb is thought to be ‘the fountain of life’ due to an ancient Chinese herbalist who lived for more than 200 years because of eating this special herb. It lives in and around watery environments and has fan-shaped leaves with white and pink flowers. The leaves and the stem are the main parts of the perennial plant used for medicine.

Benefits of Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola can help heal a number of health issues. The Gotu Kola can help heal wounds, improve mental health, treat anxiety and depression, improve memory and treat skin conditions and colds. Gotu Kola also helps treat stomach ulcers, fatigue, epilepsy, diarrhea, fever and asthma.

Effects of Gotu Kola

Some people may suffer from a few health effects due to Gotu Kola consumption. It is best that you contact your doctor first before you consume Gotu Kola. For those who suffer from liver disease and skin cancer, it is advisable that you don’t eat Gotu Kola at all.

Some studies have been taken on animals and the results have somewhat been negative. Gotu Kola had increased cholesterol levels and blood glucose sugar in animals. Along with animals, people have also experienced an increase of cholesterol and blood glucose sugar levels. It is best that you contact your doctor if you suffer from high cholesterol levels or diabetes before consuming Gotu Kola. If you want to find out the top foods that lower cholesterol and the vitamins and minerals that help lower blood glucose sugar, please check:

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In conclusion, it should be noted that Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng seem to be the ideal Chinese herbs to consume. Gotu Kola might be too risky if your health is already terrible.

It should also be noted that taking too much ginseng can cause heart palpatations and nervousness, much like too much caffeine can.

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