Benefits of Drinking Water

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Water is the most important element for all living organisms to survive. There is not a single living organism which doesn’t require water to maintain their life. Many of the living organisms like humans, plants and animals are made up of mostly water

Water is the most important element for all living organisms to survive. There is not a single living organism which doesn’t require water to maintain their life. Many of the living organisms like humans, plants and animals are made up of mostly water so it doesn’t seem surprising as to why we need it in our daily lives.

Fortunately, water also contains several benefits for the body. Some of these might have not been in your knowledge. Let us read and learn about the benefits below.

1) Water Helps you Lose Weight

Did you know that water can be a good source of fluid for losing weight? It can be the only pure option for weight loss because it metabolizes the fat deposits. Your liver is the organ which does this job while your kidneys take out the toxins from the water you drink. You should know that the kidney cannot function without enough water. If this occurs, the job of the kidney moves onto the liver which cannot operate both jobs at one time. This will cause the fat deposits to collect up in your body, resulting in more weight gain.

Increasing your water intake will reduce fat deposits while decreasing water intake will boost fat deposits. You may find it difficult to maintain the regular ounces of water because of bathroom problems but it has to be done. Regular bathroom visits are actually a good sign. It means that your body is removing the old toxic water it had once saved for your survival with new, clean and fresh water. By drinking regular glasses of water, your body will realize that you will be replacing your tank with water every time so it doesn’t need to worry about having to store any used water for emergencies. After a few days or weeks, the bathroom visits will slow down and the body will gradually get into a useful rhythm.

2) Water Helps Acne

At a certain degree, water can help prevent acne. This substance works only if you drink enough litres for full effectiveness.

The body has a connection of different systems which work together to get rid of waste. These systems include the dermal, respiratory, lymphatic, urinary and the digestive system. The skin gets rid of sweat, lungs get rid of carbon dioxide and water vapour, kidney removes toxins from the blood and the liver removes bile.

If your bowels and kidneys are loaded with too much product waste and toxins, the body uses the lungs and skin to remove waste. This is likely to occur if you’re not drinking enough water. Water is important for carrying nutrients throughout the body and a good deal of water will dissolve waste products in your system and can be easily flushed out. With less water, you’re going to find a build up of this waste being released out through the lungs and the skin, causing the acne.

How much water should I drink for the effects?

Although a set amount of 8 glasses a day is advertised everywhere. You should only drink what your maximum amount is. Examining your urine colour can be a good way for you to analyse your daily water intake. Start with drinking at least 3-4 glasses of water a day. If you’re not seeing a change in urine colour, increase your water intake. Some foods could also be the cause of yellow urine. These foods include:

• Beets

• Carrot juice

• Vitamin B complex

3) Water Helps Skin

Water certainly helps refresh the appearance of your skin. Although you won’t notice the results overnight, continue drinking near 8 glasses of water a day for a full month. As you live through the month, you will begin to see the major differences in your skin.

Water helps flourish the skin of toxins which can cause greasy skin and acne. Avoid drinking soda and eating too much junk food like chocolate and takeaway. Try replacing these harmful drinks for water and the reduction of acne will be noticeable.

Along with water, try healthier food like fruits and vegetables for added benefits to skin and your general health. Soon you should see the texture of your skin and its colour change as you eat healthier foods.


As you have read, water has many health benefits that can help treat acne, skin and reduce weight as well as many other benefits to the body. Many people do not drink enough water throughout the day and this can be a problem for your own health as time passes on.

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