10 Most Dangerous Dogs

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This article has a list of the top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world! However, any dog can easily be dangerous if they are not brought up properly. This list below is not from my own prospective but research has been done and these are the ones that wer

This article has a list of the top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world! However, any dog can easily be dangerous if they are not brought up properly. This list below is not from my own perspective but research has been done and these are the ones that were included! 

You need to be careful and alert with what you should do to keep people protected. Nevertheless, they too can be lovable pets like everything else.

10) Dalmatian!

Dalmatians are wonderful dogs that can be fun to play with. They’re energetic, active and can be very protective. But they can also be very aggressive towards other people.

9) Boxer!

If you’re hoping to find a dangerous dog to train, you’re going to find it difficult to tackle this one. The Boxer is a strong willed dog which makes them hard to train. If they are left to grow up without the training they need, their energy can be turned into severe aggression. Watch out with this one!

8) Presa Canario!

This breed is one very powerful dog. They are originally from Canary Islands where they were trained for hunting and to fight in wars. Back into the 18th century, the Englishmen brought with them the Mastiff and the Bulldog. They were mixed and bred to bring us the Presa Canario. Now they are used as guards and handling the cattle. This breed is very affectionate to both its family and owners. A lovable pet to live with!

7) Chow Chow!

Getting a Chow Chow which has not been trained properly will cause you problems. They can certainly attack you anyhow and anytime without even thinking of what is to come. This breed is mostly dependant on its own but will still need constant physical activity and communication from you. In the past, shepherds used these dogs for hunting. If you’re a hunter, this may be the correct dog to buy.

6) Doberman!

The Doberman dog breed was bred to defend and protect its owner. If you’re choosing this dog for purchase then never show aggressive behaviour towards it. Guide the dog during play times and allow it to use its intelligence. Nevertheless, it will attack anything that may be a danger to its home. So you will not have anything to worry about during the dark hours when you’re fast asleep.

5) Alaskan Malamute!

The Alaskan Malamute is one the top 10 most dangerous dog list because they can turn very destructive when they are frustrated and bored. This breed requires plenty of physical activity to keep it busy. Make sure you build a playground filled with toys for the dog to prevent any foam of harm. It is better to live far away from cities and towns where it’s not densely populated.

4) Siberian Husky!

The Siberian Huskies are a very moody type of breed. Mood changes can be taken out in the foam of aggression. If you have little experience in dog training, this choice won’t be a good idea. Despite their mood swings, they are very protective, loving and enjoy getting together with their breeds to howl at the moon.

3) German Shepherd

The German Shepherd breed is one which is commonly used by the police to complete tasks. If they are not given the right training, they can turn very aggressive. They require a lot of physical activity such as long walks and games. It is obvious from the name of the dog that they were once used for grazing sheep. They can also be useful in guarding your home.

2) Rottweiler!

Rottweilers are probably one of the best guard dogs for pet owners. The reason why they are commonly used as guard dogs is because they have great territorial instincts. They were especially bred for this task. Every pet owner should know that they don’t like strangers and other dogs. However, they do need proper training or else their behaviour will turn into severe aggressions and they will attack just about anything without a warning. If this is one your wanting to buy, be careful when you get visitors coming to your household or anywhere where the public have access to.

1) Pit-bull!

The Pit-bull has taken the number 1 spot. This dog breed is not scared of anything and will fight anything that is dangerous to its own health. They are so dangerous that if they grab hold onto anything with their mouth, they won’t give up until its dead. Many people use this breed for fighting and defence and are bred for this reason. You may have noticed that a lot of reports appear on the news due to their aggressive behaviour. If this one you want to buy, never keep this beast alone with a younger family member including toddlers and babies. You may have heard incidents on the news where some babies have been killed due to Pit bulls.


All dogs are great for breeding and can make excellent pets. You just need to train them into being a protective, loving animal. Obviously, without training, they will become what they are originally created to do and that is attack, be too protective over themselves and kill anything they find a risk.

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