Five Reasons Not to Spank Your Children

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The purpose of writing this article is to teach parents why they shouldn’t spank their children. I have listed five reasons which could help you and your children.

The purpose of writing this article is to teach parents why they shouldn’t spank their children. I have listed five reasons which could help you and your children.

Spanking and beating them up for their mistakes might allow you to think that all the problems will be solved. However, you must think again before you ruin your child’s life.

1) beating your children up will cause more problems in the near future. It is an act of violence and will stimulate your children in doing the same thing to solve their problems.

Always teach your children that beating others is a bad act and will create enemies as well as the build up of hatred. You may wish to spank your child once or twice but it should not occur every time.

2) You might have noticed a better bond in some parents who take their child as a friend. This is because they bond very strongly with the child. When kids do wrong, the parents explain why they need to do well and abstain from undertaking the mistakes again rather than breaking their bones.

By beating your kids, the bond rips apart and you will end up creating a large bridge between you and the kids. Therefore, it will be difficult to heal the wounds.

3) Earlier, I did mention about the problems you may have thought of solving by spanking your child. But did you know that it creates several more complications?

It is recommended to teach your child about the mistakes they commit by giving lessons while not giving painful and destructive ones.

4) Slapping your child once or twice is fine. But slapping repeatedly can cause your child to build up the audacity to fight back.

This means that you may have started slapping your child a few times at once to stop his mistakes but afterwards, it will need to become a lot worse for you child to learn his lessons.

5) Spanking a child can also suffocate them with fear. Many parents think that giving physical pain to their children will teach them how to behave. Other parents do give physical pain because their other less painful methods tend to fail.

The best suggestions to work with would be to use methods such as the ban of their desires including:

The hold of playing video games for a few weeks

Abstaining from delicious treats (chocolates, sweets, deserts etc…)

I hope these five reasons have persuaded you to treat your children differently. Always remember that by giving physical pain to your children will not improve but worsen their behaviour. Instead, use methods that will surely work and bless the children with love!

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