Weeping Wall - Beautiful Scenic Waterfalls on Kauai Hawaii

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The Weeping Wall on Kauai, Hawaii is a spectacular wall of long tall waterfalls cascading down the steep cliff walls of Mount Waialeale the second rainiest spot on Earth.

The Weeping Wall is a series of beautiful scenic waterfalls that tumble down the side of 5,184 foot high Mount Waialeale in the center of the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Mount Waialeale is a shield volcano that is the second wettest or rainiest place on Earth averaging 426 inches of rain per year.

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The walls of Mount Waialeale are exceedingly steep and as all the water from the heavy annual rain flows down the mountain crater the Weeping Wall is formed. The scene at the Weeping Wall is a spectacular sight to behold.

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The water at the Weeping Wall flows down the mountain face in many different waterfalls through grooves that have been worn over the years into the mountain side. Combined with the lush green vegetation growing on the walls the waterfalls that make up the Weeping Wall are a beautiful natural wonder to behold in Hawaii and a very popular tourist attraction on Kauai.

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The best way for tourists to see the Weeping Wall is by helicopter. There are many helicopter tour operators in Hawaii and on the island of Kauai and most include viewing the Weeping Wall as part of any island tour. Also included in most helicopter tours of Kauai is fantastic views of Waimea Cayon - The Grand Canyon of Hawaii which has waterfalls of its own.

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Intrepid travelers who want to hike to see the beautiful scenic Weeping Wall can drive to the end of Kuamoo Road/Highway 580 and hike what is about an 8 mile round-trip to reach views of the Weeping Wall.

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Expect to get wet on this hike as numerous streams and rivers have to be crossed in what is the second rainiest spot on the planet. However hikers will get to see and pass the large front gate that was used in the movie Jurassic Park on this hike.

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Because Mount Waialeale is the second rainiest spot on the planet the upper reaches of the Weeping Wall are almost always immersed in cloud cover. For some this only adds to the beauty and mystique of the scene. Reportedly Mount Waialeale is cloud free for only about 20 days each year.

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For many tourists and visitors to Kauai a trip by helicopter tour or a hike to see the beautiful Weeping Wall of Mount Waialeale and all the waterfalls is the highlight of their vacation.

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