What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book

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What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book! Do you usually get stuck with the words on what to write in a wedding guest book. Well check out this article and have fun with the wonderful collection of sample wedding guest book messages. Convey your best wishes

The moment couple gets married they will surely find ways to perfectly settle their new life as a husband and wife. Their wedding guestbook is actually one of their treasures that can possibly bring back and refresh their wedding memoirs. The best spot  where the best wishes from the guests are written and expressed.

As one of the special guests during their wedding day, you just don’t want to give them ordinary wishes hence, make it more extra special and sweet by using perfect words and phrases. Here are some great samples of what to write in a wedding guest book. Enjoy!

1 Congratulations on your marriage! Your wedding ceremony is beautiful and full of inspiring memories. I wish and I pray to the Lord that only love and happiness will conquer your new world as a husband and wife. God bless both of you.

2 Congratulations to the both of you! I wish you all the best in your married life. Love each other forever and let God be the center of your relationship. Grow old with each other and enjoy each loving arms. God bless!

3 Congratulations! You are now one in the eyes of God. Enjoy each other’s arms and keep the love in the air. I’m looking forward for the new generation of your children. Happy wedding!

4 Happy wedding and best wishes to both of you! May you continue share each loving arms. And also may you always live in peace and perfect companionship as well. Thank you for inviting me to see your wedding ceremony. It’s my pleasure. God bless!

5 Best wishes! You are both special in my heart because you guys are good friends of mine. I’m happy to see share each other vows and keep it solid and strong as years goes by. I’m looking forward to see your baby soon. Congratulations and happy wedding!

6 Congratulations _____ and _____, you are now officially husband and wife. I want you to know that I’m very happy for both of you. I wish and I pray that you may have a blessed married life ahead and that you enjoy the true essence of love and relationship. Trust each other and keep the faith burning. Happy wedding!

7 Happy wedding to both of you! I know both of you are excited to spend your lives as husband and wife. Stay happy and in-love. Enjoy each companion and never break your vows. Love you guys and congratulations!

Wedding is definitely a very special occasion that should be celebrated by everyone thus sending your best wishes for the couple will certainly add excitement as they enter together the new chapter of the lives. 

Hopr you enjoyed reading this wonderful collection of sample wedding guest book messages. So bookmark this page and express you congratulatory wedding wishes for the newly weds with thoughtful and meaningful wedding guestbook messages.