Sympathy Messages for Funeral Wreaths and Funeral Flowers

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Sympathy Messages for Funeral Wreaths and Funeral Flowers! If you find it very difficult to put your inner thoughts and feelings into words in times of sorrow and pain, then simply use these sample sympathy quotes for funeral wreaths and flowers. Express

Writing a sympathy message on any specific funeral wreaths or flower arrangement for funeral should require proper and appropriate choices of words.  Whenever aiming to think of what sentiment words and phrase to write in a funeral wreath, remember that it will help you to decide if you consider your relationship to the deceased.

If the person who just passed is a good friend, a classmate, a boss or anything then you can simply add it in your funeral wreath message. Additionally, never forget that wreath funeral messages are written generally short but full of sincerity and thoughtfulness form the heart. Here is a collection of the most appreciable words of sympathy that you can write as a sympathy message for funeral wreath or funeral flowers. 

1. Our condolences. The loving thoughts of our family embrace you in this time of sorrow and pain.

2. Our condolences. These flowers are our simple caring words which we cannot speak.

3. Our deepest sympathy in this difficult time, we will always pray for you. With love, from ______ family.

4. Condolence. Our thoughts and prayers will never fade. With love and prayers from _______ family.

5. Our deepest sympathy to your loss. With love and prayers from (your name).

6.  Please accept our warmest sympathy from our family. (your name)

7. Our deepest condolences. Prayers for you in this time of sorrow. With sincere sympathy from our family.

8. Our family wishes for your heart-healing in this time of pain. Our condolences. With love and prayers from _______ family.

9. Our deepest condolence. Our family loving thoughts are here to comfort you all the times. With love and prayers from ________ family.

10. Please accept our deepest condolence and sincere sympathy for your loss. Our loving thoughts and prayers from _____ family and friends.

Funeral wreaths are perfect to send if you want to share loneliness and sincere sympathy for someone who just lost his loved one or someone special in his/her life. Funeral wreath messages are made to be short but written with suitable words and phrases that may not intend to worsen the difficulties and pain of someone who is in grief and sorrow. This is a way of showing you care and that you are concern to someone who is in pain.

Sending a funeral wreath is a humble way to exactly convey your sad emotion and sympathy as well. If you are going to give funeral wreath or flower arrangement, use these sample sympathy messages for funeral wreaths to convey your condolence message. 


Sending a sympathy or condolence note might be the most important note you ever send. The person you send it to is obviously in pain and probably feels very alone. Letting them know that you are thinking about them is very helpful in helping your relative or friend know that you are thinking about them.

People in pain need someone to know they care about them and there is nothing like sending a sympathy or condolence card to let them know you are thinking about them. This can be a lost loved one or even a pet, letting your friend know you are thinking about them and care about them really helps the hurt they are going through.

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