Second Hand Textbooks - Basics and Advantages

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This article will try to explain some facts and advantages related to second hand textbooks. This is an important issue especially for all students and their budget. There are many online bookstores offering services such as buying, selling and even renti

Books play a significant role in shaping a person's mentality and developing ethics. They show us direction and give us an objective to accomplish our dreams and do something great for the society, family, and ultimately ourselves. The interest for books depends largely on its price. There can be a very fascinating book that we had longed to read, but when we see its price tag at the book store, all our dreams are shattered. This happens to each one of us at-least once in a lifetime. Expensive books squeeze our interest and pull us apart from the basic ideology of surging our level of knowledge. This is when the role of second hand textbooks come into picture. Majority of times, they are available at less than half the price of a new text book. There are countless book-stores that offer used textbooks to students who can or cannot afford to buy a new one. It is not only the monetary benefits but also the environmental advantages that makes the use of second hand textbooks significant.


a.) Pocket Friendly - When a student purchases a used book, he easily saves more than half the money that he would have spent had he purchased a completely new one. There have been instances when a $50 book costed as little as $15 in the second hand market. Additionally, there is no point in spending huge amounts of money on a textbook that would be of no use after studying for one complete semester. A second hand textbook usually comes with highlighted pen marks, but that should not bother any student as long as the text is visible.

b.) Give and Take Policy - Second hand textbooks also offer the user a chance to earn money by selling it to the store owner, who will later sell it to a student at a slightly higher price to account for his profit margins. Used books offload the burden of high tuition fees from a student's shoulders. This brings down stress level among students to a great extent. The money saved from buying new textbooks can be used in other productive activities.

c.) All marks are not bad - You can make the best use of the pen or pencil marks that come inherent with a second hand textbook. The important stuff comes highlighted, which saves significant amount of time that would have otherwise been wasted in reading useless or unimportant text. Besides, other person's academic notes also help in providing a different perspective for clear understanding of a particular subject or topic.

d.) Environment Friendly - Everyone is aware of the need to protect our mother Earth from excessive accumulation of trash and debris. Used textbooks help a great deal in preserving earth's natural resources. We are also aware of the fact that new books are made from paper, which is produced from the pulp of a tree. On the other hand, used books prevent unnecessary cutting of trees for this purpose. Likewise, they reduce the amount of landfill waste through recycling.