Gorman Falls - Beautiful Scenic Landmark Green Waterfall in Texas

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Gorman Falls is a beautiful lush green waterfall in Texas located a little over 2 hours northwest of Austin.

Gorman Falls is a 65 foot high beautiful scenic landmark waterfall located in Colorado Bend State Park in the Hill Country part of central Texas about 100 miles northwest of Austin. Most people are shocked when they see photos of Gorman Falls to find out that this beautiful green waterfall is in Texas.

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Gorman Falls is formed from calcium rich mineral springs which feed Gorman Creek just above the falls. As the calcium rich water from Gorman Creek flows over Gorman Falls the calcium from the water forms what is known as travertine. At Gorman Falls lush green fern has grown over the travertine which makes Gorman Falls such a beautiful green sight to behold.

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At Colorado Bend State Park visitors can take a 3 mile round-trip hike along the Gorman Falls Trail to see this beautiful scenic landmark waterfall in Texas. The park also offers a guided hike to the falls which leaves at 2 pm every Saturday. Reservations are not needed for the guided tour hike.

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The scene at Gorman Falls is is almost Jurassic like with the 65 foot high waterfalls flowing over and into such a lush green setting.

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Place someone randomly at Gorman Falls and unless they have been here before it is highly unlikely they would guess they are in Texas. Most people do not associate Texas with waterfalls but Gorman Falls is a spectacular sight located in the Lone Star State.

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Colorado Bend State Park and Gorman Falls are located in Bend, Texas off County Road 442 which is unmarked. To reach the park from Lampasas in the east take the Farm to Market 580 Road west from the intersection of 281 and 183. Go for 24 miles until you reach Bend and then look for and follow the signs to Colorado Bend State Park.

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From San Saba in the north take Highway 190 east for 4 miles and turn right onto Farm to Market 580 Road and go for 13 miles to Bend and then follow the signs to the park. Camping is available in Colorado Bend State Park. For motels and hotels look around the Lampasas or San Saba areas or stay in Austin and drive up to Gorman Falls.

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