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10 Ways to Enjoy Being Single and Make Use of Your Being Single

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The word single is the most difficult word for single guys and gals. Being single according to a renowned author means not having a boyfriend or husband following around. It means being able to enjoy your time with your family and friends. Know some wa

The word "single" is the most difficult word for single guys and gals. Being single according to a renowned author means not having a boyfriend or a husband following you around.  It means being able to enjoy your time with your family and friends.  Simply put it, it's having the times of your life!

But sometimes you just wish there's a special someone around.  Better get going.  So for those of you who are enjoying your single blessedness or just being overly dramatic about it.

"Here are some ways to enjoy being single and make use of your being single:

  1. Stick to your diet.  Limit your food intake. That should give you something to think about instead of just obsessing about your single life.
  2. Clean you home. Houses need general cleaning.  It's a great way of de-cluttering.  Give away things you haven't touch for years.
  3. Relax and rest.  Recharge your battery.  When you're feeling lonely about still being single, relax and see a movie.
  4. Thank the people who have made your life colorful.  You don't have a boyfriend now, but you have good friends.  Thank them, for being there for you.
  5. Enjoy your time with different people everyday.  Instead of getting bored with the same faces, try out with different group of friends.  Try it at the office, in school or from the neighborhood.
  6. Dine alone.  Dine out alone.  If you have not done it yet, that's another option you might want to try.  Who knows, he may suddenly show up and join you.  But mind you don't wait for him to show up, just enjoy your meal and everything is bound to go well.  If he happens to be there, then that's another thing to be happy about.
  7. Rearrange your room.  If you still have  so much time on your hands, try rearranging your room.  Your single blessedness may just be a case of bad feng shui.
  8. Seek advice.  If you feel desperate, seek advice.  Try to seek advice from other people or just talk about your problems with trusted friends if you feel like you're going crazy.  Often you start talking about men and end up talking about a lot of other things.  You'll realize pretty soon that men are not everything is in life.  There are things far more important than men.
  9. Pray.  Pray your morning and evening prayers.  Thank God for the day He's given you and ask for a gift of a new day tomorrow.  If you want, ask Him for a good boyfriend and possible husband to be.  But don't be in a rush. God has His ways, and His own good time says a guidance counselor.
  10. Think of the many men in your life.  Are they worth thinking of?  If your answer is "yes" then that should give you something more to think about.  What happened to sour up or cause you to outgrow the relationship?  Then decide or set your priorities straight.  Do you really feel that you need to have a boyfriend just for the sake of having one?  If your answer is no, then you're probably on the right track after all.  Learn to love yourself first and the love of a good man will follow.  Just take note of the lessons you've learned in each experience."

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Jessie Agudo
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James R. Coffey
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