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Hi, my name is Tom and I am a cv editor and a recruiter. As a hobby sometimes I rewrite resumes and cover letters. I have experience in this field and have helped many people land their dream jobs with a higher pay rate! In fact, many of my clients land multiple interviews and then multiple job offers so you have your choice in the job you want after I edited their resumes!
Tom Woodie posted an answer to: How do you request special meals when booking through Lufthansa? — 5 months ago
I just write it to him or some have mobile number and I can call to them and check it.
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In Fandango you can buy only tickets! Try to write to them and say that they need to add this function)
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Tom Woodie posted an answer to: How does drinking alcohol affect your skin? — 5 months ago
Many doctors don't recommend drink a lot of alcohol, the most dangerous low-alcohol drinks and cocktails. From the excessive use of alcohol suffers not only a liver, but also all organism including a skin. The microelements are no longer supplied to the skin in the required amount.
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Tom Woodie posted an answer to: Are travel agents better than the booking websites? — 5 months ago
It depends on what you want. If you don't want to spend time looking for hotels or housing, I think,  you should  go to travel agents and they will find you a suitable option. But it will be cheaper to order in booking websites.
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I think Wordpress it better, it has easy interface and have good reputation. I'm always using Wordpress and don't have problems. Also, I heard that Weebly is not bad, but I used it once.
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