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Jack Pack upvoted Knoji Staff's answer to Can I try BangGood for free? — 5 months ago
Yes, there is a free trial for BangGood. BangGood will allow you to use their products and services prior to commiting to purchasing it. You can learn more about it on their website. There may also be other helpful information on their homepage.
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They are reputable in the Chinese way of E commerce. That is, you statistically will have more successful transactions of low value items than high value. This comes about by the fact that there is effectively no warranty available, despite their claims, I have had cause to test their DOA warranty on four occasions in 470 orders. That's not to say around 1% failure, it's more that the low value of most of the other failures made claiming worthless. Of the four higher value items (over $100) I had no success in claiming warranty at all. In fact, the best I could do was pay for repairs locally, at less than the replacement cost but only on one of the four. The worst part about the warranty issue is the process. You send emails, wait days for responses, then get asked for photo's with shipping labels, damage etc, then you need to create video's and make a you tube link for them to assess, and all for nothing. The line of communication then goes dead after weeks of protracted waiting. Another thing regarding reputation, is the review system, Bsically, they filter out all bad reviews, of the 470 I provided, only the five star commendations ever got published, so they hide their junk products from the unwary buyer, which is pretty sneaky.There are certainly better resellers out there, I suspect Banggood, having quickly exploded into a mega corporation, with their size and market share domination, has made them even less concerned about the individual, as was my experience and I no longer buy from them, after the increasing number of problems crossed the line of 'bearable'.
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Yes. Anthropologie is very active, dedicated and committed to giving back. https://www.anthropologie.com/help/communityHosting frequent events is common way that Anthropologie enlivens and interacts with the local community. These store events are popular in North America: https://www.anthropologie.com/help/store-eventsAnd include anything from styling parties, warm-weather workshops, pop-up markets, fashion shows, registry parties and yoga classes. The notifications for these events are typically sent or announced through e-mail as given when signing up to Anthropologie’s AnthroPerks program. Through a different initiative, Philanthropie, Anthropologie hosts charitable events by partnering with likeminded nonprofits also interested in promoting the spirit of art.
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In the FAQ section, it was mentionedTo view the status of your order on HSN.com, sign into your account by selecting "Order Status" from the top of any page on HSN.com and enter your email address or phone number and password. The preview will display the 5 most recent purchases and the basic details for the order including order date, order number, item name and the order status. If you know the order number, you can also go directly to those details by entering your telephone number and the order number.To view details click on the order number. If the order you would like to review is not listed, click "View all Order History."
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Jack Pack posted an answer to: Is there a tracking order service at HSN? — 5 months ago
If your item has already shipped, you can use the tracking feature on either FedEx or UPS (however they shipped it to you).
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