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Alasdair McCarter posted an answer to: Is BangGood a reputable company to buy from? — 7 months ago
They are reputable in the Chinese way of E commerce. That is, you statistically will have more successful transactions of low value items than high value. This comes about by the fact that there is effectively no warranty available, despite their claims, I have had cause to test their DOA warranty on four occasions in 470 orders. That's not to say around 1% failure, it's more that the low value of most of the other failures made claiming worthless. Of the four higher value items (over...
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Alasdair McCarter posted an answer to: — 7 months ago
They offer free (drop shipping) on most items under a certain size, or weight. I have been trapped several times by them on this issue, one example having purchased an RC plane which had a $12 EMS charge listed for shipping to my address, I paid for it, and waited and waited, and after many unanswered emails, finally got a live chat response stating that in order for the item to be shipped, I would need to pay an additional $220.00!, I then cancelled the order, and had to wait six more weeks ...
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Depends on what you regard as safe.. If you are prepared for the months of waiting for your order, and don't care about any need for possible warranty issues being resolved, ever, then they are safe. They do have a very bad habit of filtering out bad reviews on their site (just look for any) and they do sell poor quality fake items, but it is China after all, so that bit is expected. In most cases, you will eventually receive your item, but a word of caution from this 500 order buyer, is ...
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Alasdair McCarter posted an answer to: — 7 months ago
I would say not ... now. They used to be ok if you were prepared to forgo warranty and quality problems, as some items just don't matter, and warranty is non existant, but since January this year, their delivery times have become unbelievably bad, in fact, I am still waiting for some orders dating back nine weeks, most are between six and eight weeks which is just crazy. There are so many better options available, it's well worth avoiding the mega faceless, care less ones, and look fo...
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The Banggood discount coupon system is a joke, they never work for what you want, then after the discount for points (if you have any) at 1 cent per point is deducted, you are then charged for shipping, usually in the form of charges relating to tracking... which is worthless, as everything, regardless of shipping options, is drop shipped. The coupon system is the most protracted convoluted, stupid system ever devised, made extra difficult to dissuade you from using it.
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