The Pet in Your Moon Sign

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You'll hear many reasons if you ask any person why they have pet. Some elders readily admit that caring for the animal keeps them alive. According to astrologer the moon's placement in your chart describes the basic traits to have chosen to acquire and

You'll hear many reasons if you ask any person why they have a pet.  Some elders readily admit that caring for the animal keeps them alive.  Children raised with pets show many benefits.  Developing positive feelings about pet can contribute to a child's self confidence and self-esteem.  There is one in all these answers- trust for a living being.  So, we are their caretakers, keepers, sidekicks, or their charges for protection.

Do they choose us or do we choose them?  And why does the bond between human and animals sometimes happen and sometimes does not?  Generally, animals represent our inhibited traits,  The types of traits we see in animal, such as physical strength, mental alertness, grace or some soulful aspect, points to the trait we hope to bring act in ourselves.

Luckily, what we dream can manifest in the outer world.  Say, just as you plan of becoming a stronger swimmer, you might acquire a Labrador retriever.  Another person decides to up his/her economic status, falls in love with an expensive imported Persian cat.  Or one who feels overly restricted suddenly decides to acquire a couple of birds.  These examples indicate the  preference for a given animal, based on an inner need.

The moon in your horoscope signs can help, although finding an animal companion may appear haphazard.  You may have to consult an astrologer to find out where your moon in on the date you where born.  According to an astrologer the moon's placement in your chart describes the basic traits to have chosen to acquire and exhibit in this life through your pet companion.

  • Aries moon sign.  The Aries owner seeks pet that have physical strength, endurance and prowess.  Because physical needs are reflected between pet and owner.  Sporting or fighting dogs will be popular choices, while these animals may not actually be used in sport or game, the owner will be drawn to them in order to feel secure in a neighborhood environment, or to fantasize about participation in aggressive sports.
  • Taurus moon sign.  The Taurus owners are likely to become patrons for endangered species or rare animals,  They tend to acquire animals that are highly prize for their breeds or be an investment say, falconry.
  • Gemini moon sign. Pets that can be taught to "talk" such as myna birds or parrots, will be popular choices.  Song birds, too will capture the owner's interest and the energetic movement of monkeys is also fascinating.
  • Cancer moon sign.  Cancer pet owners tend to acquire holds of animals or select an animal from a herd for special attention.  Pets such as turtles and tortoises appeal to the stay-at-home owners as well as pigs.
  •  Leo moon sign.  Leo owners seek the outrageous, extraordinary, or coveted types.  Large African cats would be a first choose- so are lions and tigers.  Close runners-up are purebred dogs and cats or thoroughbred horses.
  • Virgo moon sign.  The Virgo owners seek an animals that are sensitive to the sick or can be given responsibility in illness, thus will have a close relationship with the owner too. 
  • Libra moon sign.  Pets with keen mental capacities, such as terriers, shelties, and Chihuahuas, have special appeal to Libras.  They prefer miniature animals of all kinds, including guinea pigs, hamsters, or even mice or rats.
  • Scorpio moon sign.  They like pets that have qualities of strength that are inestimable, and prowess that reveals itself at the last moment.  Snakes like boa constrictors and iguana fit these special needs of power and strength.
  • Sagittarius moon sign. Sagittarius pet owners seek intelligent responsible animals  who are willing to perform.  They are delighted with horses; dogs and primping cats too.
  • Capricorn moon sign.  Capricorn exhibit a strong fondness for powerful animals that can be utilized as "workers" like cow or, if possible, an elephant.  When a country setting is available, they prefer herding dogs or goats.
  •  Aquarius moon sign.  The pet owner collect animals in flocks or packs.  The groups will be an eclectic mix of different breeds and crossbreeds.  When space is a problem, expect the Aquarius to have a large aquarium or several small ones, with many varieties of fish.
  • Pisces moon sign.  Pisces seek pets displaying a strong intuition.  Most Pisces pet owners respond better to animals than humans.  Cats, in particular, are excellent choices for Pisces.


Pet's excellent choices for:

                                                      Aries (dog)


                                                   Taurus (falconry)


                                                   Gemini (songbird)


                                                    Cancer (Turtle)


                                                         Leo (Tiger)


                                                   Libra (Chihuahua)


                                                    Scorpio (snake)


                                                  Sagittarius (horse)


                                                   Capricorn (cow)


                                                   Aquarius (fishes)


                                                    Pisces (cat) 




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