Tallest Buildings and Skyscrapers in Europe

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The tallest buildings and skyscrapers located on the Continent of Europe. All of these buildings and skyscrapers are at least 800 feet high.

These are the tallest buildings or skyscrapers in Europe. All of these buildings are at least 800 feet in height and the tallest building in Europe is the 56th tallest building in the world. For whatever reason Europe is well behind North America and Asia in terms of tallest buildings or skyscrapers. The tallest building in Europe would only rank as the 15th tallest building in North America and the United States and only rank as the 41st tallest building in Asia. Even Australia has a taller building than anything in Europe though there are five buildings currently under construction on the continent that will all be over 1,000 feet when completed.

1) Moscow Tower - 989 feet in height

Image Source by Bradmoscu

The Moscow Tower located in the International Business Center in Moscow, Russia, is the tallest building or skyscraper in Europe with a height of 989 feet. The 76 floor Moscow Tower has a unique style and looks as if it was built with uneven building blocks and contains an entertainment complex, office suites, retail establishments including restaurants and large apartments. The Moscow Tower was completed in 2009.

2) Naberezhnaya Tower in Moscow - 881 feet

Image Source by Bradmoscu

The Naberezhnaya Tower is also located in the International Business Center in Moscow, Russia and at 881 feet is the 2nd tallest building in Europe and in Moscow.

3) Triumph Palace in Moscow - 867 feet

Image Source

The 57 story Triumph Palace located in Moscow is the 3rd tallest building in Europe at 867 feet in height. Though the building has an old look to it the Triumph Palace was built from 2001 to 2006 and is an apartment building containing 1,000 luxury apartments. The Triumph Palace is often called the Eighth Sister since it looks like one of the Seven Sisters skyscrapers Stalin had built in Moscow in the 1950's - see photo below.

Image Source (One of the Seven Sisters buildings in Moscow)

4) Sapphire of Istanbul - 856 feet

Image Source

The Sapphire of Istanbul is a 54 story skyscraper located along Buyukdere Avenue in Istanbul, Turkey that is the 4th tallest building in Europe and tallest on the continent outside of Moscow. The Sapphire of Istanbul was built as a green building with gardens between every 3 floors.

5) Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt - 849 feet

Image Source by chaouki

When completed in 1997 the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany was the tallest building in Europe until the Triumph Palace was completed in 2006. The Commerzbank Tower was built as a green building with gardnes and ecologically friendly technologies used for heating and cooling the building. Commerzbank Bank which built the building is the 2nd largest bank in Germany.

6) Saint Petersburg Tower in Moscow - 843 feet

Image Source by NVO

The Saint Petersburg Tower is located in Moscow right next to the Moscow Tower in the International Business Center. Designed with the same uneven building block look the Saint Petersburg Tower is 146 feet shorter than the Moscow Tower.

7) Messeturm in Frankfurt - 842 feet

Image Source

Located in the Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds in Frankfurt, Germany is the 63 floor Messeturm building. Messeturm means "Fair Tower" in German and this skyscraper was the tallest building in Europe when it was completed in 1991 until the Commerzbank building was finished in 1997. The Messeturm skyscraper is an office building that is often called The Pencil by locals.

8) Torre Caja Madrid in Spain- 820 feet

Image Source by Enrique Olivar

The Torre Caja Madrid is an 820 foot high 45 floor skyscraper located in the Cuatro Torres Business Area in Madrid, Spain. Built from 2004 to 2008 the Torre Caja Madrid is named for its owner the financial company Caja Madrid.

9) Torre de Cristal in Madrid - 817 feet

Image Source by Dani Mate

The Torre de Cristal building is also located in the Cuatro Torres Business Area in Madrid, Spain and is just 3 feet shorter than its neighbor Torre Caja Madrid. The Torre de Cristal skyscraper was built from 2004-2008 and is the last building in Europe over 800 feet in height.

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