Should Children Participate in Family Decisions?

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Decision making in a family is a very important family affair but in remote cases the need for the kids to get involved is very important.

It is said that, “A family that prays together stays forever.” A family does things together and joins hands in meeting the needs of the family. Decision making is one of the important things that involve members of the family; sometimes including the little kids if needed. Should kids be included in decision making then? This truly depends on what issues or matters to be decided.

Today is different from the stereotype family of yesterday where children just sit and listen as parents rant and decide what is to be done in the family. Today, children could say things to their parents that are sensible enough to be reconsidered by parents. Although it isn't good to always let children mind family affairs especially when they are too young, it is good to teach them to be concerned about problems in the family. For older children who are old enough to decide, they could participate in family affairs and decisions. Say for example, a child could decide where he or she wants to study or work and provided that the decision they are making is agreeable then everything would be fine. It takes just a little guidance from the parents concerned.

Children are part of the family and they have the right to make their choices and decisions. They could take part in choosing and deciding small and not so serious matters regarding the family. Allowing children to take part in decisions at home is teaching them to be dependent when they grow up. It is one way of training them to face life in the future. As life gets tougher everyday children must be made to face actual life situations so that they could face realities in life as they grow older.

In the past, children just listen and are made to listen to their parents and elders. Today though is different, children must be exposed to every real life situations because of the changing lifestyle and the difficult situations that often come our way. It is sometimes best for them to know life situations as early as possible and by letting them participate in decisions making is teaching them to decide and choose wisely on their own.

There are children who could make very smart and wise decisions and you must know how to listen to our children as the need arises. Family decisions are family matters and getting the children involved when needed could be beneficial to everybody, unless of course if the decisions are about serious matters.

Wrong decisions could cause conflicts between parents and children so it is better to involve the kids for as long as they could make sound decisions.


Diane Ziomek
Posted on Jul 31, 2011
Guimo Pantuhan
Posted on Jul 31, 2011
Patrick Regoniel
Posted on Jul 31, 2011