Raanana Living Guide: Raanana Municipal Swimming Pool

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The Raanana municipal swimming pool is located in the Lev Hapark neighborhood in the west of the Raanana. The Raanana municipal pool used to be on Maccabi Street in the middle of town but the newer pool and it's facilities are in another class all together.

The Raanana Swimming Pool

The pool is has been a work in progress for a few years but finally in the summer of 2011 the pool complex will have been completed. There is are two indoor pools of 25X16 meters, a kiddies pool and an outdoor pool. There is also plenty of green open areas to lounge about in the sun and several playground type swings, climbing apparatus and slides.

The swimming pool itself offers a number of swimming clubs. There is group swimming training ranging from 6 years old up to adult level. These groups cost approximately 250 shekels a month for 2 hour long training sessions a week. There are also individual private swimming lessons and groups for beginners. All the teachers are highly professional and some of them champion swimmers themselves. The pool is also open to the general public for swimming throughout the week and the pool is accessible to the disabled by way of a chair lift into the water. There is a large staff of both lifeguards and maintenance.

Raanana Municipal Pool Open Hours

The pool is open to the general public for swimming Monday and Wednesday 5:30-22:00, Tuesday and Thursday 06:00-22:00 and Friday 06:00-17:00 and Saturdays 08:00-18:00. On a Sunday night the Raanana pool is closed for general swimming but opens its doors to the religious community providing separate sex swimming for women 15:30-19:00 and men 19:30-23:00. These hours may alter in the summer with daylight saving.

Entrance fee to the Raanana pool

For children, soldiers, pensioners, students and disabled entrance to the Raanana pool is 30 shekels during the week and 35 shekels on Shabbat, however for non-Raanana residents entrance is 65 shekels.

For adults entrance to the Raanana pool is 35 shekels and 40 shekels on Shabbat with non-Raanana residents paying 75 shekels.

There are various combination season tickets for singles, couples and families each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. There is also a ticket for 10 entrances to the Raanana pool which will save you 50 shekels. There are also combination tickets including use of the pool and the gym. The Raanana pool offers discounts for single parents, large families and others.

Raanana Municipal Pool complex Facilities

Apart from the actual pool Raanana Municipal pool complex offers several other features included in the price of your entrance ticket these include a small kid's playground, large expanses of grass both with and without shade, Jacuzzi, dry and wet sauna and an indoor activity room for kids. There is also a kiosk selling snacks and small fast food type meals.

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Raanana Municipal Pool Gym

One of the facilities not included in your pool entrance fee is the use of the Raanana pool gym. There is a well equipped gym spread over two floors including all the latest gym equipment and run by professional staff. It is an independent gym in all regards with the only difference being that it shares the shower facilities with the pool and members can join both the pool and gym for a discounted rate thus enjoying both facilities one after the other. The Raanana pool gym is run by a professional staff which will plan a routine for you and see that you carry it through correctly.

Other Services at the Raanana Municipal Pool

The pool complex offers a lot more than just a swimming pool and gym there is also a studio where various classes are held. The classes on offer at the Raanana municipal pool include yoga, Tai chi, Kong fu, Feldenkrais and palates. Other workouts are conducted in the water like aqua-fitness a water exercise class. Each of these classes has it's own entrance fee.

The Raanana municipal pool complex is like a country club for the general public, in the lobby there is also a beauty salon; a sports wear store and space for a restaurant. The restaurant is not operating at the moment.

For all details contact the Raanana municipal pool at 09-7700700 or 09 7700707. The Raanana Pool can also be reached by email at: swim.pool@raanana.muni.il

The Raanana municipal pool is located at 1 Yair Stern Street, Lev Hapark, Raanana. For any other enquiries you can always contact the municipal hotline at: 107

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