Nevada Fall - Beautiful Snowy Waterfall in Yosemite Park, CA

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Nevada Fall is a beautiful snowy white 594 foot high waterfall that tumbles over a granite cliff along the Merced River in Yosemite National Park in California.

Nevada Fall is a beautiful 594 foot high waterfall located along the Merced River in Yosemite National Park in east-central California. Nevada is a Spanish word that means "snowy" and as Nevada Fall pours over a granite cliff in Yosemite it appears as if pure white snow is flowing here. The mist from Nevada Fall is also snowy in appearance.

Image Source by Alaskan Dude

Located just to the left of Nevada Fall is the massive 6,811 foot high Liberty Cap which is a granite dome. Nevada Fall with Liberty Cap next to it is simply an amazing sight to behold especially when water flow is at its peak in late winter and early spring.

Image Source by Navin75

Nevada Fall flows year-round but in the summer and during dry spells the water flow is greatly diminished but is still a beautiful sight. Nevada Fall is located just upstream from Vernal Fall and both waterfalls can be seen from the top of Glacier Point. Between the two waterfalls along the Merced River is a pool of water known as the Emerald Pool. Swimming is strictly prohibited in the Emerald Pool as people have gone right over Vernal Fall to their deaths from the Emerald Pool.

Image Source by David Liu (Nevada and Vernal Fall from Glacier Point)

Hikers can reach both the base and the top of Nevada Fall along the Mist Trail but as the name implies be prepared to get wet when the waterfall is flowing at full capacity. The Mist Trail starts at Happy Isles which is shuttle stop #16. Hikers can also reach the top of Nevada Fall along the John Muir Trail which bypasses Vernal Fall.

Image Source by rmceoin (Top of Nevada Fall in Yosemite National Park)

Obviously both trails to the top of Nevada Fall are strenuous uphill treks but hikers along the Mist Trail can count on being refreshingly sprayed with cool mountain water from the beautiful snowy waterfall in Yosemite Park in California. Nevada Fall is a great sight to behold and a beautiful place on Earth.

Image Source by Genista

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Posted on Dec 8, 2010
Posted on Dec 8, 2010