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Maalox Suspension As a Diaper Rash Cure

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Maalox is a popular drug for symptoms of hyper-acidity. However, it can also be used as cure for diaper rash. Read on.

Diaper rash also known as diaper dermatitis, napkin or nappy dermatitis and ammonia dermatitis is a term for skin irritation due to urine and stool contact. This generally results from bacterial or fungal infections. While infants and toddlers are commonly the most affected, an adult particularly a bedridden patient, who is wearing a diaper can also develop diaper rash.

Common medications for diaper rash

The best way to prevent a nappy dermatitis is to avoid the trigger by changing diapers from time to time. This way, skin contact from stool or urine is limited. However, any individual who suffers from diarrhea or loose bowel movement and is inclined into using a diaper develops diaper dermatitis quickly. With this, a simple cleansing of water with a soft cloth is recommended instead of disposable wipes, since the latter may contain chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline, Apollo), calmoseptine ointment, zinc oxide (Desitin) and vitamin A / D (Vandol) are commonly recommended for diaper rash. These topical medications act as protectant and at the same time, soothe the scrapes or the chapping of skin. However, these topical protectants are advised only for two to three days. Beyond that period, topical antibiotics are indicated by a physician for probable secondary infections.

Cornstarch and talcum powder also act as protectants or topical barriers but their use is limited for these can trigger asthma.

On the other hand, a cornstarch bath for diaper dermatitis maybe more beneficial like the baking soda bath.

Boric acid has also been recognized as a diaper rash cure. However, this substance had been found toxic for use.

While neomycin containing topical antibiotics may cause skin allergy, steroid creams should also be avoided. These types, particularly the highly-potent ones can cause secondary infections.

Maalox facts

Maalox is an OTC drug indicated for gastritis, doudenitis and other symptoms of hyperacidity. It is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis and available under the following dosage forms and formulations:

  • As an antacid with out an anti- flatulence

Maalox suspension 60, 180 and 355 bottle (Aluminum hydroxide 225 mg and Magnesium hydroxide 200 mg per 5 ml)

Maalox chew-tablet (Aluminum hydroxide 200mg and Magnesium hydroxide 200mg)

  • As an antacid with an anti-flatulence inert substance (simethicone)

Maalox plus suspension 180 ml and 355 ml bottle (Aluminum hydroxide 225 mg and Magnesium hydroxide 200 mg per 5 ml plus simethicone 25 mg)

Maalox plus chewable tablet (Aluminum hydroxide 200mg and Magnesium hydroxide 200mg plus simethicone25 mg per 5)

As an indication for hyperacidity, Maalox is to be used in precaution with people with kidney disease. It can cause gastro intestinal disturbances but very rarely.

Like other Aluminum- Magnesium combinations, Maalox can be taken with food but most physicians recommend an empty stomach for this drug. This is to ensure the effect faster and to avoid drug interactions such as in tetracycline and potassium citrate.

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Maalox suspension as a diaper rash cure

Any individual’s urine or stool is sterile upon elimination from the body. These have no germs; however when the diaper is left too long, bacteria from the skin or from the diaper alters the acidity of the urine or feces. Thus, the stool or the urine becomes acidic.

As cited, Maalox contains magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. These active constituents are responsible for the hyperacidity relief by neutralizing acid. Regarding diaper rash, Maalox treats it by counteracting the acidic effect of the defecation or urine on the skin.

More to this, Magnesium hydroxide is also known as Milk of Magnesia. Applied topically, Milk of Magnesia has been known to heal skin abrasions such as acne, and canker sores – a type of mouth ulcer. Milk of magnesia is also used for diaper rash.

Maalox suspension or its generic equivalents may be indicated for diaper rash. Like the recommended skin protectants, Maalox suspension application is between every diaper change and for two to three days only. The disadvantage about this drug for diaper rash is the messy feel for the patient, as Maalox suspension is not in cream or in ointment form.

As for safety measures, magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide usually accumulate on individuals with kidney or renal failure. Magnesium hydroxide can cause hypermagnesemia while aluminum hydroxide for prolonged use, may build up in bones, nerves and in the brain. Some side effects of aluminum hydroxide include hypophosphatemia, osteomalacia and encephalopathy.


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