Lighthouses, Monuments and Windmill Tourist Attractions on Cape Cod

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Beautiful lighthouses, monuments and windmills that are located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts which are all popular tourist attractions.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a beautiful place filled with great tourist attractions including its gorgeous Atlantic Ocean coastline filled with great beaches. Along the coastline on some of the beaches are lighthouses, monuments and windmills on Cape Cod which are all open to the public and are popular tourist attractions.

A few of the lighthouses on Cape Cod have been converted to Inns and hotels and are available as rentals. Great views of the cape, the beaches and the Atlantic Ocean await visitors to the tops of these popular tourist attractions.

Race Point Lighthouse

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Race Point Lighthouse is located on the extreme tip of Cape Cod past Provincetown. The first lighthouse was built at Race point in 1816 and replaced by the present day structure in 1875. The light keeper's house right next to the lighthouse and the Whistle House on Race Point are available to be rented out for overnight and weekly vacation stays. Call 508-487-9930 for reservations and more info.

Wood End Lighthouse

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Built in 1873 of brick the square tower Wood End Lighthouse is located at the southwest end of Long Point at the end of Cape Cod in Provincetown.

Long Point Lighthouse

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At the end of Long Point all the way at the end of Cape Cod in Provincetown is the Long Point Lighthouse which dates to 1875.

Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse

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Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse is 66 feet tall and was built of brick in 1857. It is located on the northeast shore of Cape Cod in North Truro, Massachusetts. Owned by the National Park Service the Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse is open to the public from May through October.

Nauset Beach Lighthouse

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The 48 foot tall Nauset Beach Lighthouse is located just northeast of Eastham along Ocean View Drive on Cape Cod. Built in 1877 in Chatham, Massachusetts the Nauset Beach Lighthouse was moved to Nauset Beach in 1923 and its present location in 1996. The lighthouse is open to the public and free tours are given by the Nauset Light Preservation Society.

Chatham Lighthouse

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Chatham Lighthouse is located right at the elbow of Cape Cod just southeast of Chatham, Massachusetts. The present Chatham Lighthouse was built in 1877 and the lighthouse and museum in the keeper's house are open to the public today from May through October. For more info see the Coast Guard tour schedule.

Old Bass River Lighthouse

The Old Bass River Lighthouse is located along the south coast of Cape Cod in the town of West Dennis, Massachusetts. Bass River Lighthouse is a house with the light placed 44 feet high on top and it is located along Lighthouse Inn Road in West Dennis and run as a Inn and restaurant today. That is two lighthouse hotels located on Cape Cod. For more info see the Bass River Light homepage.

Nobska Point Lighthouse

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Nobska Point Lighthouse is located on the southwestern tip of Cape Cod at the Woods Hole Harbor entrance in Woods Hole, Massachusetts southeast of Falmouth. The 40 foot high Nobska Point Lighthouse was built in 1876 and is owned by the Coast Guard which keeps the lighthouse open to the public and offers free tours to visitors and tourists.

Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown

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The Pilgrim Monument is a 252 foot tall monument located in Provincetown, Massachusetts at the end of Cape Cod that was built from 1907-1910 by Boston architect Willard Sears to commemorate the first landing of the Pilgrims in 1620 and the signing of the Mayflower Compact in Provincetown Harbor later that same year. The Pilgrim Monument is located on High Pole Hill Road but visitors to Provincetown can hardly miss seeing the monument which towers over the city. Visitors can climb the 116 steps and 60 ramps to the top of the Pilgrim Monument for fabulous views of the beautiful city, Cape Cod Bay and shoreline and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Eastham Windmill

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Built in 1680 the Eastham Windmill was originally located in Plymouth but was moved to Cape Cod in 1770 and to Eastham in 1793. It is located on the green in the center of Eastham and is owned and operated by the town and open to the public daily in July and August each summer. Modern day windmills are being built on Cape Cod to harness wind power for electricity but the new windmills lack the charm of the old ones.

Old Higgins Farm Windmill in Brewster

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Built in 1795 the Old Higgins Farm Windmill is located at 3171 Main Street in Brewster, Massachusetts on Cape Cod Bay. Owned and operated by the town of Brewster the Old Higgins Farm Windmill is open to the public daily in July through September each summer.

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