Jurassic Park Waterfall - Beautiful Scenic Secret Manawaiopuna Falls on Kauai Hawaii

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Manawaipuna Falls is a 360 foot high waterfall in Hawaii that was in Jurassic Park the movie and is now known as the Jurassic Parks Waterfall.

Hawaii is well known for their beautiful scenery and sites. Hawaii is also one of the most popular vacation spots in the world for anyone seeking a vacation with great sites to see and fine weather.

The fact that the Manawaipuna Falls in Hawaii not only incredibly beautiful, but also featured in the famous Jurassic Park movie that came out to the theaters in June 1993. Using a helicopter tour of these falls can get you some of the most incredible photos from your Hawaiian vacation.

There was a time that Manawaipuna Falls was mostly unknown and undiscovered, once the movie came out, the falls became a very popular destination.

Manawaiopuna Falls is a beautiful scenic 360 foot high waterfall located in the south-central part of the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Manawaiopuna Falls used to be a secret waterfall in Hawaii but all that went out the window when a shot of Manawaiopuna Falls was used in the movie Jurassic Park. Now beautiful scenic Manawaiopuna Falls is a big tourist attraction on Kauai, Hawaii.

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In order to see what is now known as the Jurassic Park Waterfall tourists have to take a helicopter tour. Most of the helicopter tour operators include Manawaiopuna Falls in their tours and many advertise it as the Jurassic Park Waterfall.

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While all of the helicopter tour operators fly by this magnificent scenic waterfall a few of the operators will actually land nearby and allow tourists to walk up to Manawaiopuna Falls.

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There are probably ways to hike into the Jurassic Park Waterfall but the land around the falls is private property so anyone doing this would be trespassing. And it would probably be a long hike as the waterfall is in a pretty remote area on Kauai.

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Another great helicopter tour sight on Kauai is the fabulous Weeping Wall where dozens of long thin and beautiful waterfalls make their way down a shield volcano in central Kauai.

Image Source by syntheticaperture (Weeping Wall waterfalls on Kauai)

There are also many other secret hidden waterfalls on the Garden Island of Kauai which helicopter tours fly past. But because it was featured in the Jurassic Park movie beautiful scenic Manawaiopuna Falls the so called Jurassic Park Waterfall is now the most famous and asked for waterfall on helicopter tours in Hawaii.

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As it fans out in spectacular fashion while plunging 360 feet down a remote cliff face in a lush green part of Hawaii, Manawaiopuna Falls is a great sight to behold.

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