Easy Recipe for Kids: No Cooking, Three Ingredients, Chocolate Balls

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One of the easiest and quickest recipes I use when I want a recipe I can do with my kids is my recipe for Chocolate Balls. Now these Chocolate Balls may go by another name in your household, but chocolate by any other name…chocolate is chocolate! The food which these chocolate balls most remind me of is chocolate truffles, but with an extra crunch. This is a good recipe to use when you don't want to use an oven, have to make something sweet quickly, have a lot of kids over or at a kid's cooking party when you have a group of eager chefs ready to get chocolate up to their elbows! This Chocolate Ball recipe also has only three main ingredients!


200 grams (two bars) Dark (bitter) chocolate

You really could make this Chocolate Ball recipe with any chocolate but the bitter chocolate some how off sets the sweetness, and also has slightly less calories than milk chocolate or white chocolate – not that you should think of calories when making this Chocolate Ball recipe!

250 ml cream

500 grams plain biscuits

For Americans that means cookies, but the really plain digestive biscuits/ Marie biscuits/Pettie Ber/ Tea Biscuits. I recommend using vanilla, or plain flavor but chocolate or coconut would work just as well. I normally go for the cheapest.

Some people also add a little non-alcoholic Rum flavoring but this is not necessary, and completely changes the taste I recommend leaving it out when you make your first batch of Chocolate Balls with the kids.

Coconut and sprinkles for covering the Chocolate Balls.


Put all of the biscuits into a large bowl and using the base of a cup or any other blunt instrument let the kids crush all of the biscuits into large chunks and crumbs. Another way is to put the biscuits into a bag and then bang the bag around, but after several popped bags I prefer the bowl.

Crushing the biscuits in a bowl is also more fun for the kids making this Chocolate Ball recipe.

Either melt the chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave or in a saucepan on the gas. Either way, microwave or stove top, you can gradually add the cream and heat it together with the chocolate. This is the only step of the recipe where you have to have an adult.

Once the chocolate and cream are melted and mixed together pour the mixture onto the crushed biscuits. Then with a spoon at first and then hands mix the biscuits and chocolate cream together.

Prepare a bowl of coconut and another bowl of sprinkle sweets.

Now let the kids make balls about the size of a small golf ball out of the chocolate mixture. Then they can roll the chocolate balls in either the coconut or sprinkles.

The chocolate balls should be kept in the refrigerator – at least the ones that you can resist eating during the preparation of this chocolate ball recipe!


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