Compare Logo Design Services: Best Logo Design Companies Reviewed & Ranked

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Best logo design service? We asked 28 readers to compare logo design quality, visual impact, professional look, speed of delivery, design engagement process, and cost.

Read our annual review of the top logo design services, ranked by logo quality, designer qualifications, delivery speed, design process, customer service, and price. We asked 28 readers who recently used a logo design service for their ratings and reviews on each logo designer. Here are the best logo design companies, compared side-by-side:

Top Logo Design Companies Rankings

  Company Type Price Logo Quality Designer Quality Turn around Logo Concepts Revisions Customer Service Specials Sample Logos
#1 LogoMaker DIY logo design (self-service) $49 A - Instant 1 Unlimited A Sample logos
#2 LogoWorks Dedicated design team $299 A A+ 3 days 4 2 A Sample logos
#3 Logo Design Guru Open design community $179 A- B+ Same day 10 - 50 Unlimited A- Sample logos
#4 99 Designs Open design community $495 A B+ 1-2 days 60 1 B+ Sample logos
#5 The Logo Company Dedicated design team (5) $149 B+ B- 3 days 5 Unlimited B+ Sample logos
#6 CrowdSpring Open design community $200+ C+ B- 1-2 days 100 1 B Sample logos

How do the different types of logo design services work?

Option 1: DIY logo design

You can design your own logo using self-service logo design services such as LogoMaker. You choose from thousands of pre-made templates and assemble the design to your liking. You customize all the text based on your company name and tagline, and choose from a large library of high-quality images to create your logo. If you have a strong opinion about what you want in your logo and like to do things yourself (i.e. micromanage), DIY logo design is your best option. DIY logo design as also the cheapest option, as you don't need to hire a professional designer. 

Option 2: Dedicated design team services

Companies like LogoWorks and The Logo Company offer you access to their teams of professional designers. When you hire one of these companies, they assign you a team of several designers who then work with you through the entire design process. You submit a "creative brief" which describes in detail your company, brand image, and what you want in the logo. Then you get several design concepts back, which you can then ask for revisions on before you select your final logo. These services are high-touch and very professional, and usually yield the highest-quality logo designs. The drawback, they are usually more expensive.

Option 3: Open design community & submissions ("crowdsourcing")

Companies like Logo Design Guru, 99 Designs, and CrowdSpring allow designers from all over the world to sign up and join their team of designers. When you order your logo from one of these companies, they advertise your logo design project to their community, and designers will start submitting designs to you. You'll get dozens to even hundreds of designs this way, but most will be of low quality. You can get a few very good designs through this process, but depending on the site, it can be a hit-or-miss process.

More detailed logo design firm reviews

LogoMaker Review

LogoMaker won this year's top logo design service award due to its ease of use, very low price, and outstanding logo quality. It took people a while to get used to the idea of designing their own logos, but after trying it out, most people find it very easy and actually fun to design their own logos - and the results are surprisingly professional. See a more detailed LogoMaker review along with example logos from LogoMaker. Or, get started, design on logo on LogoMaker now.

LogoWorks Review

LogoWorks is rated as the best dedicated logo design team service - when you sign up with LogoWorks, you embark on a first-rate professional design process which results in stunning logo designs. LogoWorks' design team is the most qualified we've seen, with backgrounds from the top design schools and experience working with large companies. Its no surprise, as LogoWorks is actually owned as part of HP. Read a more detailed review on LogoWorks, and see past logos designed by them. Or get started and start a logo design project now.

Logo Design Guru Review

Logo Design Guru is the best of the open design community (crowdsourcing) services. They have higher standards for acceptance into their design community. You get fewer designs, but the quality is a level higher than competing services. The design process is very fast on Logo Design Guru and you get as many revisions as you want. Readers have submitted positive comments about Logo Design Guru's customer service, speed of delivery, and resulting logo quality. Read a more detailed review on Logo Design Guru and see samples of past work. Start a design project on Logo Design Guru now.

99 Designs Logo Design Review

99 Designs offers a range of design services, including logo design. They are an open design community, with thousands of designers worldwide. 99 Designs is known for its high quality controls and very professional logo design quality. We've seen noticeably higher quality coming out of 99 Designs than competing shops. You only get one revision with 99 Designs, but the initial concept quality is so much higher than the rest, this is no big issue. Read a more detailed review and see past logo designs from 99 Designs. Or, start a design project now.

The Logo Company Review

The Logo Company is another dedicated design team service. When you sign up with them you are assigned a team of 5 designers who then create concepts based on your initial creative design brief. The Logo Company's designers were good, but not as qualified as what we saw from LogoWorks. However, the design process is outstanding and the resulting logos are of very good quality - plus, The Logo Company is the most cost-effective way to get your own dedicated design team. Read a more detailed review and see screenshots of past logo designs from The Logo Company. Or, fill out a creative brief now.

Crowdspring Review

Crowdspring pioneered the concept of crowdsourcing, or open design teams and submissions. When you sign up with Crowdspring, your design request goes out to their community of thousands of designers from around the globe. You then get over 100 designs back, and you pick the "winner" who receives your payment. The quality of work varies greatly, and is not as high as what you'll find with a dedicated design team. But you can get very high quality logos using Crowdspring. Read a more detailed review on Crowdspring and see samples of past logos. Or, visit the Crowdspring website.

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