Actor Families: Alec Baldwin and Baldwin Brothers, Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges and Lloyd Bridges

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Trivia for the actors Baldwin Brothers (Alec Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Daniel & William Baldwin) and The Bridges Family (Jeff Bridges, Lloyd Bridges and Beau Bridges).

 Alec Baldwin - Stephen Baldwin - William Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin

Baldwin Brothers are one of Hollywood’s most famous actor families. With the most successful one being Alec Baldwin, the brothers have been in the business since the 1980s.

Alec is the oldest, being born in 1958. Alec Baldwin’s movie credits include Malice, Beetle Juice, Working Girl, The Edge, Heaven’s Prisoners, It’s Complicated, The Aviator and The Departed.

He has also made guest appearances on hit TV shows such as Friends and Will and Grace. He has also been starring in the hit comedy 30 Rock, created by his co-star Tina Fey.

Stephen Baldwin focused on handling his financial problems and became more religious in the process. However, he has appeared in some very impressive films including the cult hit The Usual Suspects starring Kevin Spacey and Oliver Stone’s Oscar winner Born on the 4th of July starring Tom Cruise.

Daniel Baldwin’s movie credits include Born on the 4th of July, Mulholland Falls and Paparazzi. He has also appeared in a lot of TV series including Cold Case, The Closer, NYPD Blue and Twice in a Lifetime.

William Baldwin also managed some popularity with movies like Backdraft, The Squid and The Whale, Flatliners, Fair Game and Internal Affairs. He has also appeared in the popular TV shows Dirty Sexy Money and Gossip Girl.

Jeff bridges - Beau bridges- Llyod bridges

Beau, Llyod and Jeff Bridges

Actor brothers Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges were born into the actor couple Llyod Bridges, and his wife Dorothy Dean Bridges.

Llyod went to UCLA and his wife Dorothy was one of his classmates. Born in 1915, Dorothy appeared in a play with her husband in her UCLA years and her movie credits goes back to 1920s. She also played son Jeff Bridge’s mother in the romantic drama See You in The Morning, written and directed by Alan J. Pakula. Dorothy died in 2009.

Born in 1913, Llyod Bridges started appearing on the screen in the mid 1930s. His movie credits include the highly regarded western High Noon, Airplane and Hot Shots 2 – both Airplane and Hotshots involve director Jim Abrams and Hot Shots star Charlie Sheen. Llyod died in 1998.

Jeff Bridges won Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role in Crazy Heart in 2010, having won the 5th time he was nominated (3 times for Best Supporting Actor and twice for Best Actor). Jeff talked about his father in his Oscar Speech.

Jeff started his career as a young boy, appearing in his father’s films. He later grew up to be a highly prestigious and well respected actor and no one at the Academy Awards ceremony in 2010 was surprised to see Jeff finally win. He has worked with many other great actors, including Kevin Spacey, Glenn Close, Robin Williams, Farah Fawcett, Kiefer Sutherland, Tim Robbins, Michelle Pfeiffer, his brother Beau Bridges, Kris Kristofferson, Jessica Lange and John Goodman, Tommy Lee Jones and Kim Basinger.

Despite being less popular and good-looking than his younger brother Jeff, Beau Bridges has always been in demand, especially for TV series. He has been appearing on the screen since the late 1940s. He has been nominated for several Emmy’s and Golden Globes, having won 2 Golden Globes and 3 Emmys.

Children of the Bridges brothers also appeared on the screen.

Jeff and Beau’s sister Cindy Bridges worked as an actress for three projects as well.


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