ABFLEX 1 Abdominal Exercise Machine Review

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Most "AS SEEN ON TV" products work only in theory. Unfortunately the ABFLEX is one of them. The Abflex 1 is a piece of abdominal training equipment that almost looks like a "Space Invader" space ship.

Most "AS SEEN ON TV" products work only in theory.  Unfortunately the ABFLEX is one of them. 

The Abflex 1 is a piece of abdominal training equipment that almost looks like a "Space Invader" space ship.


As can be seen in the photograph above, the red piece with the black rubber padding pieces is placed on one's stomach, and the handles are grabbed with the hands.  Flexing the stomach muscles, one pulls the gray piece towards oneself, as to create pressure on the stomach and resisting that pressure with the abdominal muscles.  A strip of rubber provides resistance. 

This machine may be shown to work right for the people in the commercial, but in reality you will have problems from day one which will continue until the end of the unexpectedly short working lifespan of this product. 

First of all, your shoulder blades will start burning before your abdominals.  The rowing motion works in a lot more in your back on both sides right under the base of the neck.  Good exercise anyway you say?  Yes, if the machine was safe I'd agree, but as you'll see from the rest of what happens in the short life of this product, you'll most likely injure yourself when something gives.  

The handles will hurt your hands.  By the second and third day you'll have blisters and won't be able to do it anymore. 

The part that pushes against your stomach will start cracking at its connection to the rest of the machine, and eventually break off. 

Last but not least, the rubber bands that provide the resistance can only contract and expand so many times before tiny tears in them make them perish like nobody's business.  They'll snap. 

Before they snap however, the weak plastic hookies that the rubber bands are affixed to will bend until the rubber shoots loose during an exercise. 

Final verdict?  Well, before you know if the exercise actually works and give you defined abs, this machine will give in one of the described ways and will no longer be usable.  And don't think it was cheap in price.

So buy it not for abdominal exercises, but only if you want the plastic shape to spray paint it and decorate it and make yourself a space invader airplane model. 

There are many and cheaper ways to strengthen your abdominal muscles, which is important because strong abs lead to a better back, better balance and strengthens the entire core of your body.

Stomach crunches can work, but it is not advisable anymore to do sit ups since they put a lot of pressure on the neck and the back. There are numerous exercises for the abs using an exercise ball or a medicine ball.

It is important to understand, that strengthening the abdominal muscles is very important, but unless you get rid of the belly fat, you strong abs cannot be seen. So doing some cardio, eating a healthy diet in addition to exercising the abs is what you should do.

Simple exercises for strong abs

UPDATE:  Hey, they made an ABFLEX 2.0.  Will this one be better?  Click here now to find out...