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ABFLEX 2 Abdominal Training Apparatus Review

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Martin van der Hoeven brings you yet another piece of equipment to injure yourself with. This time it's the ABFLEX 2, the follow-up to the ABFLEX.

Martin van der Hoeven brings you yet another piece of equipment to injure yourself with.  This time it's the ABFLEX 2, the follow-up to the ABFLEX

The Abflex 2 will save you time in that this version of the ABFLEX will break even sooner than the first!


The concept behind it, and this is all that sells this product because the product itself is worthless, is that by sitting in a chair or laying on one's back on the floor, one should grab the product by the handles and pull it into oneself, contracting one's abdominals to resist the pressure.  A rubber band inside the product helps it give it resistance to the front part being pushed in. 

Allright, let's get right into the actual performance of the product:

The first thing that will happen with use, is that you hear a short crack coming from the handles.  The ABFLEX 2 is obviously made of a lot less material than the ABFLEX 1, in fact it's so flimsy that a strong man will probably pull the handles clean off with the first use.  Others will hear a crack and after each exercise, see that the cracks in both handles have progressed until finally the handles won't hold anymore.  Before you know it, the skin of your fingers get caught in the cracks giving you a pinch more painful than driving a nail through your most sensitive parts. 

The rubber bands will also perish quickly and pull clean off the flimsy plastic hooks.  It won't be long before you can't use this device anymore and your exercising days with this apparatus are over before they began.   No wonder on the ABFLEX 2 box, Leisa Hart of "Abs Of Steel" is quoted as saying "Abflex II is... the perfect woman's tummy machine."  What woman doesn't like being passive?

Martin van der Hoeven, please rethink the design of this apparatus!  IT'S JUST NOT STRONG ENOUGH!!  Somebody please pass that on to him. 

In conclusion, don't get fooled into the whole "AS SEEN ON TV" thing.  This product simply is not suitable for the purpose it is being sold.  The concept of the exercise might work but we'll never find out as we've never had a properly made apparatus to test it out on. 


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