10 All-Time Rainiest Years in New York City History

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The rainiest years ever recorded in the history if New York City dating back to 1869.

These are the ten all-time rainiest weather years in the history of New York City. The year 2011 has already made its way onto this list. August of 2011 was the rainiest month in NYC's history dating back to 1869. On August 14, 2011, a total of 5.81" of rain fell in NYC, which is the fifth highest daily total ever.

The years 2003, 2006, and 2007 are also on this list. So New York City has experienced four of the its all-time ten rainiest years in the last eight years. Nine of the rainiest years in New York City history dating to 1869 have all occurred in the last 40 years.

Will 2011 end up as the all time rainiest year in NYC history? The all-time rainiest year occurred in 1983, when 80.56" of rain deluged the city. That is just a massive amount of rain. We are at 60" in 2011, through the end of September.

On average, the month of October gets 4.40" of rain, November gets 4.02" and December averages 4.00". Add that up and, on average, New York City can expect another 12.42" of rain. That would total over 72" of rain for 2011, which would make it the second all-time rainiest year.

Weather is unpredictable. I wouldn't be surprised if the heavy rains continue this year and we do go on to break the all-time record of 80.56". I would also not be surprised if a drought started in October and we got hardly any more rain this year.

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10 All-Time Rainiest Weather Years in New York City History

1. 1983 - 80.56"

2. 1972 - 67.03"

3. 1989 - 65.11"

4. 2007 - 61.70"

5. 1975 - 61.21"

6. 1990 - 60.92"

7. 2011 - 60.00" (estimate)

8. 2006 - 59.60"

9. 2003 - 58.56"

10. 1903 - 58.32"

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The all-time record in New York State for rainfall in one calendar year is 90.97", which occurred on Slide Mountain in the Catskills in 1996. Slide Mountain is the highest mountain in the Catskills at 4,180 feet in elevation.

This has been a crazy weather year in many parts of New York State. I know Binghamton has already broken its all-time record for rainfall in a year. So it's possible the all-time record for rain in a year that was set on Slide Mountain is in danger of being broken this year too, but 91" is a lot of rain.



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