Zenonia 4 Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough and guide for Zenonia 4, the Return of the Legend.

Zenonia 4 is the 4th story of theGamevil RPG series game. As a long time fan of the Gamevil RPG, I have waited for this game quite long ago, I believe it will not disappoint any RPG lover. Now let's begin my walkthrough of this game.

The game starts with a dream, some ninja is surrounded by 4 monsters, but he defeats them easily.And after a huge monster appears, we begin our journey to the world of Zenonia 4.


Chapter 1: Seeking Truth

Quest 1: Mrs. Tender

It is the very first quest, just need to talk to Mrs. Tender, we can see her position on the map by a question mark, so just go there and finish the quest.

Quest 2: Bronze minning errand

Now we need to get Mrs. Tender 5 Bronze which can be found from the northern cliffs.

Direction:go N to the Eraes Forest North, we can get the bronze from the shinning rock in the map, just face the rock and push the attack button.

Quest 3: To the Town of Eraes

We have got 5 bronzes now, and go back to the town, Just go S to the town of Eraes.When we get to the town, we find the ninja in our dream is here, and he has fought with Dupre.And now some voice told us the truth that the ninja is the future me.

Now we can select our career, there are 4 careers can be chosen from.

Slayer: High attack, slow attack rate, high health, and strong armor

Blader: Fast attack rate, low health, low armor, high evation

Ranger: Long attack range, medium health,medium armor

Druide: Long attack range, high attack power, low health, low armor

This is quite the same career like the Zenonia 3, so as always I choose the Slayer as my career to play the game.

Quest 4: The land of the Fallen

After we go back to consciousness, we are at somewhere we never went before, now we need to defeat 3 Rage Spirit which is just in the same map. After we defeat the 3 rage spirit, a fairy comes our, and now she will lead us.

Quest 5: Find Dupre

Now we need to meet Dupre, he is at the Land of the Fallen East.

Direction: go E-S-W-W-N

Quest 6: Removing the seal

We need to remove 5 spirit dust, they can be get from the monsters nearby, so just keep killing them to get enough spirit dusts.

Quest 7: Warden Azimet

The fairy use the spirit dust to summon a huge monster--Warden Azimet, now we need to defeat it. The boss can attack the front area of itself, just hit him and leave the position, let him attack and go back to hit him, this will be quite useful during the fight with it.

Chapter Two: Man on a Mission

Quest 1: Anya has lost her glow

We need to find a town, go to Adonis Tower.

Direction: go N-E to Adonis Town

Quest 2: Find a Elementalist

Look for the Elementalist in the Adonis Town. Find the yellow question mark.

Quest 3: Restoring Light

In order to restore the light, we need to get 8 liferoot which is located in the Eraes Forest to the South.

Direction: go S to the Eraes Forest Entrance, we can pick up the liferoots on the ground, they are the shinning flowers.

Quest 4: Jessica's Request

Jessica's daughter Ian was kidnapped to the south of the town, go find her.

Direction: go -S-S to Eraes Forest Southwest, we can find Ian lying on the ground.

Quest 5: The Chase

We now need to find the kidnapped kids, the clues lead us to Eraes Forest Path

Direction: go W to the Eraes Forest Path

Quest 6: It's a Trap

It is a trap facing us, we need to defeat the boss: Obliterate Baki. The boss is the stronger mode of the hunter, can attack us in distance, do not use all the combos to attack the boss, because the last combo will pause for a while, and the boss will attack us during this moment.

Quest 7:Noble Warrior

We find the kid, now go back to tell Jessica the good news. Back to the Adonis Tower.

Direction: go N-N back to the Adonis Tower.

Quest 8: A Needle in a Haystake

When we talk to the Jessica, a thief boy steals our money, now we need to find him out. Luke is at the right side of the map. It comes out that the thief boy is a message deliver from the future.

Quest 9: Mark of Ladon

Now we need to follow the instruction from the future to find the Mark of Ladon in the Eraes Forest. Move to the Tree Lane.

Direction: go S-S-W-W-N-N to the Tree Lane.

Quest 10: Ladon's Minion Frodo

When we want to destroy the Mark of Ladon, the boss comes out, it is the Minion Frodo. The boss cannot move but it can attack us from underground all over the map, so we we need to keep moving when a black circle appears under our foot. It will also summon three small monsters to attack us. Just keep running, to not bother the small monsters, attack the boss after he attacked us.

Quest 11: Side Effect

Now we are again appear in someplace we don't know ,go to find a town and meet their elementalist. Go find elementalist of Deva Castle.

Direction: go W-W to the Deva Castle. Find the Elementalist through the question mark on the map.

Quest 12: Joining the Royal Guard

We now need to talk to the Royal Guard at the Northern Guard Outpost

DirectionL: go N to the Deva Castle Barracks, and go inside the Tent.

Quest 13: Chael's Test

Now we are one of the Royal Guards, our first mission is to search the Snowy Region, we need to go to the ice shelf.

Direction: go S-E-N-N-W-N-W-N-N to the Ice Shelf.

Quest 14: Infiltration!

Now we need to kill 5 Obliterate Sasquatch and search the area in 25 seconds. Just kill the monsters, do not care the human enemies, the quest only counts the Obliterate Sasquatches.

Quest 15: Hunting Elruba

Now we have maken the boss come out, defeat the Obliterate Elruba. The boss's attack mode is quite simple, it can only use his fist to attack us, but it really hurts a lot. So take an eye on the HP and bring enough HP potion, we can easily defeat it.

Quest 16: Uncomfprtable Return

Since we have finished our mission, now it's time to go back to the guard base.

Direction: go S-S-W-S-W-S-S-W-N to the Deva Castle Barracks.

Quest 17: Requesting Support

Now we need to go to assist our allies, go to talk to Sven.

Direction: go S-W-N-N-W-N-W-N-E to the Crystal Mountain Outpost, we can find Sven on the map easily.

Quest 18: Infiltrating the Temple

We need to find the mark of Ladon before the monsters, now we should go the the underground cave and find Ladon's Seal

Direction: go E-N-N-E-E-N and we find the Ladon's Seal deep inside the cave.

Quest 19: Dark General Leonard

Fight with the monster Boss, we now need to slay the Dark General Leonard. The Dart General Leonard is quite strong, it has Three attack modes, one is use both fists to attack us, the second one is just like the first one, but it willl attack twice and the range will be a little bit further, the third one is quite strong, the boss will chase us circling, do not let it catch us. Sometimes the boss's attack will slow us down, we should leave it as far as possible when we are debuffed. My strategy is to attack him use the skill right after his attack, but this will takes time and need extra carefulness.

Quest 20: Return to Snowy Outpost

Now we can go back to Elisa and tell her what happened here.

Quest 21: Gathering Information

Now we need to go back to the Guard Outpost to let them know the up-to-the-date information.

Direction: go W-S-E-S-E-S-S-E-N to the Royal Guard Outpost.

Direction: go W-W-S-S-W to the Snowy Outpost.

Quest 22: Clear the Area

This time we need to kill 15 Golems in the area. It is a good time to gain EXP.

(PS i couldn't write a walkthrough on chapter 3)

Chapter Four?Another Objectives

Quest 1:Preparing the Welcoming

Now we need to find 10 Hyacinth Flowers which can be found in Adoram Forest.

Direction: go S-S-W-S to Adoram Forest Outskirts, we can find the flowers shinning on the ground.

Quest 2: Meeting of the Generals

Talk to the General Ecne. He is in the Deva Castle Square.

Direction: go S-S

Quest 3: Traces of Morpice

Look for traces of Morpice which is in the Gorge Topside.

Direction: go N-E-N-E-N-N to the Gorge Topside.

Quest 4: The Cave Guardian

There we find a cave ,but the cave guardian comes out to attack us, beat it back. Kill the Squash Draca. Squash Draca is quite easy to defeat, since she can only use one magic to attack us, and the singing of this magic can be interrupted, so just keep attacking her.

Quest 5: Voice of Morpice

Since now we have entered the cave, we heard Morpice's voice, find him out.

Direction: go E-N to find Morpice

Quest 6: The First Sealstone

We are facing the door that can not enter,we need to destroy the first Seal Stone now.

Direction: go E and the First Sealstone is at the end of the map.

Quest 7: The second SealStone

Now it is the time to destroy the second Sealstone, it is at the opposite side of the first seal stone.

Direction: go W-W and we can find the second sealstone in the end of the map.

Quest 8: Taking care of Elisa

Since Elisa need time to cast her spell, she cannot defend herself temperarily, so that will be our job. Protect her from the enemies. Kill all 6 enemies in 23 seconds.

Quest 9: The Source of Evil

Now we can finally enter the center of the Abyss Cave, go to the protected chamber.

Direction: go N and we will face another boss fight.

Quest 10: Wake up Morpice

Now we finally find the Morpice, but it is quite annoying to be awaked by us, so defeat it. Morpice can use fire to attack us, and summon some dark monsters to help him. Do not let his fire balls hit us, it really hurts. My strategy is to attak him from the side when he begins to cast the fire balls, so the fire balls cannot attack us, and we have a lot of time to reduce Morpice's HP.

Chapter Five: The Holy Gem

Quest 1: Bittersweet Victory

We have won the battle with Morpice, now we can celebrate in the Deva Castle now. I use the scroll to go back the Deva Castle, if you do not have one, just revise the direction of last quest .

Quest 2: Locating the Holy Gem

We remember that the Morpice has mentioned about the Holy Gem and now we need to find out where it is. So we should talk to the Royal Guard Commander which is just inside the tent.

Quest 3: Anya's Power

Now we have a way to increase the fairy Anya's Power, go find her.

Direction: go S to the Elementalist.

Quest 4: Grasping the Situation

After using the Anya's Power, we again appear in some unfamiliar place, now we need to look for a nearby town. Actually we are just in one town, we should talk to Perry who has a question mark on her head.

Quest 5: Archmage Zelos

We find out that we have gone back to the past, and now we need to speak to Archmage Zelos who is the master of Morpice. Go find him.

Direction: go North and we can find the Archmage Zelos.

Quest 6: The Hidden Dungeon

Archmage Zelos finally believed that we are from the future, and told us the Holy Gem in inside the Hidden Dungeon, now go to destroy it.

Direction: go S-E-E to the Adoram Forest Outskirts, the Entrance of the Cave is over there.

Quest 7: Seeking the Holy Gem

Now we have entered the Hidden Dungeon, we need to search for the Holly Gem which is in the Relic Room.

Direction: go N-S-W-S-S-S-N now we find the Relic Room and there is the Holly Gem

Quest 8: The Stone Guardian

As we are about to destroy the Holly Gem, the guardian wakes up and attacks us. So defeat the Boss Stone Face. The Stone Face cannot move, but it can shoot fireballs toward us, and also summon stone golem to help it, and will let stone fell off from the sky. Especially we need to be careful is when we are attacking the Stone Face, it may drop a medium stone on our head first to stun us, and drop again a huge stone to deal great damage to us. Beside this, we can easily to defeat the boss.

Quest 9: Escape

After defeat the Stone Face the Whole Dungeon begins to collapse, we need to get ride of the cave before it is too late.

Direction: go N to the safe place.

Quest 10: Embers of Hope

Since we get the Holly Gem, we need go back to the future and let the Royal Guard Command know it.

Direction: go N-N-E-N-N-S-W-W to the Deva Castle(Past) and use the Instant Portal to go back to the Deva Castle(Future) and then go N to talk to the Royal Gurad Command.

Chapter Six: A New Beginning

Quest 1: Readying for Battle

We are now ready to go to a new castle, now we need to find Elisa at the Eastern Gate.

Direction: go S-E to the Scorched Forest South, there we can find Elisa.

Quest 2: To Aria Castle

This is the time we go to Aria Castle. The Royal Guards are at the Aria Castle Temporary Camp.

Direction: go E-S-E-S-E to the Arie Castle, the Royal Guards Output is in the right side of the Castle.

Quest 3: For the Greater Good

We need to recheck the Collapsed Hidden Dungeon we did it in the last Chapter, so let us go.

Direction: go S-E-S-S-N-S to where the boss is.

Quest 4: Dark General Proneus

The Dark General Proneus is this time's boss, defeat him. The Dark General Proneus is a quite tough boss, it has a high attack power, so do not let him attack us several times together, and he will pull us back towards him to attack us, so when he does this, always be ready to run away, make the HP ready, and his attack will give us one annoying debuff which will let us move opposite where we want. And the last and most killing skill of the Proneus is it will rush in a line and attack us lots of times in a roll, do not let him hit us by this skill, it is deadly.

Quest 5: Confirming Authenticity

Go back to the Royal Guard Outputs to let them know what happened in this collapsed Hidden Dungeon. I use the Teleport Scroll to go back to the Aria Castle, if you do not have one, just reverse the direction in quest 3 to go back to the Castle.

Quest 6: Battle for Aria (1)

Now we need to find Elisa who is at the north gate.

Direction: go N-N-W to the Aria North Gate Western Spire, and Elisa is just at the entrance.

Quest 7: Battle for Aria (2)

Elisa need us to slay 5 Demon Soldiers for her, they are the monsters with a huge hammer in the same map.

Quest 8: Battle for Aria (3)

Now the monsters are attacking from another side, kill 5 more Demon Soldiers for Elisa.

Quest 9: Battle for Aria (4)

Since we have cleaned all the soldiers for Elisa, now we are facing the Boss Necro, defeat him and we will win the battle of Aria. Necro is not tough, but it has a lot of monsters around it, if we got surrounded by the enemies, we will lost our HP in a rapid way, so be aware of this, it will only takes time to defeat the boss.

Quest 10: This way to the Heavenly Realm

New map now, go to the Sky Portal.

Direction: go N-E and we can find the Sky Portal there.

Chapter Seven: Heavenly Crisis

Quest 01: Mysterious Man

Now we have reached Heaven, we need to follow a path of a Holy Warrior, go to the destroyed Coelraum.

Direction: use the Sky port to the Coelraum.

Quest 02: Heavenly Camp

The heaven has not been totally destroyed, it still has some survivors,now we should go to the Heavenly Camp.

Direction: go N-N to the Heavenly Camp.

Quest 03: Dark Portal

We need to check the Dark Portal to see what happens there.

Direction: go S-E-E to the Dark Portal

Quest 04: Keeper of the Dark Portal

Now the Guard of the Dark Portal has appeared to attack us, defeat him. The Boss Keltura is quite easy to defeat, it is just an upgrade mode of the King Necromencer, but the monsters around him is quite annoying, just take an eye on the HP, the battle will be easy.

Quest 05: Prison Beark

But the Dark Portal has transport us to the prison, and we get caught by the Shatura, luckily Elisa comes to rescue us. Now we need to break the prison.

Direction: go W-N

Quest 06: Dark General Leviathan

We seemed to get into a trap, now we need to defeat the Boss Dark General Leviathan to escape the prison. Leviathan is quite tough to the Slayor, because we can only attack him nearby, and he has a lot of the attack skills. First of all it will summon a Fire Portal in the map, we should destroy this first, since the Leviathan can summon monsters through the Portal, if we destroy it ,all the monsters will disappear. My strategy is to attack the Leviathan only after he finishes one attack, doge the fire balls from him and attack him, never stand on the fire cirle he summoned, this would be deadly. If you be aware of all these, the battle only takes time to end.

Quest 07: Find Elisa

Now we defeat the trap, go find Elisa and talk to her.

Direction: go N-N and we can find Elisa at the end of the path.

Quest 08: Crossroads of Choice

Since we found Elisa, and it is the time we escape the prison.

Direction: go N to be out of the Prison

And there finishes the Chapter Seven, I'm sorry for the late update, since it's been quite busy for me these days.

The Next is Chapter Eight: The Spiral of Fate (which i haven't upload. Please come back to get updated)



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