Zenni Optical vs. Goggles4U: Your Guide to Buying Eyeglasses Online

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If you are looking for a quick pair of glasses with all the works included in the price then Zenni Optical is for you. If you want designer frames or to look at a large selection of progressive frames then you should try Goggles4U. If you are a creature

For years consumers have traditionally purchased their glasses at the doctor's office, but in today's world of mass communication now you can purchase you glasses from home. How does this affect the consumer? Well basically it cuts out the middle man. Sites such as Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect claim to give you access to glasses directly from the manufacturer. This can save you time and money! You can potentially afford to buy designer glasses that you couldn't otherwise. You can purchase several pairs for the same price you used to pay for one.

Things to consider before purchasing glasses online:

Do your Research.

Researching the company is key to making a beneficial purchase. It is best to read customer reviews. There are many sites out there where you can read hundreds of reviews from customers who have purchased glasses. You have to consider that there are bound to be a few negative reviews for almost any large company. It is key to note patterns. If there are several reviews that seem to be almost repetitive then there are obviously some valid problems in that area. One thing to remember is that customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Shipping or quality issues that can be resolved if the company is focused on quality customer service.

How does it work?

Search engines allow you to put in your preference of material, color, style, brand and even price. You can browse through the frames, select and compare your top choices. But what about trying them on? You can do that too. You can upload your photo and then put the glasses on the picture. Once you have chosen your frames you just upload your prescription or input the information and process. The great thing about it is you can save about 60% off of traditional prices. 

Pricing versus Quality

Most consumers are aware that there is a price for convenience. When you order online your knowledge of the product is limited. I have researched each of the four main competitors. Below you will find an overview of each of the main points to consider when ordering glasses online. You will also have a glimpse of customer reviews.

Zenni Optical

  • Price- from $6.95 to $46.00.
  • Name brands-not offered.
  • Included-
    • 1.5 lens,
    • scratch resistant coating,
    • case, microfiber
    • cleaning cloth
    • protective UV coating
  • Shipping- flat rate $4.95

I found the Zenni website to be the simplest site to search for glasses. On the left hand side of the page you can chose your preference and quickly see your options. The Zenni Blog offers information about eye care and Zenni specials.

Customer Reviews


"Took a while to get my glasses, but it was worth every day that I had to wait. Great glasses! Even the $6.98 frames are nice. Planning to order again after the holidays."


  • Prices- from  $40.00.to $200
  • Name brands: Ed Hardy, Coach, Fendi, and many more
  • Included
    • 1.5 single vision lenses
  • Shipping-varies

Goggles4U for you has a very large selection. Navigation is simple and the site appears uncluttered. Customer reviews can be read in a window at the bottom left side of the home page. 

Customer Reviews

"I've bought a half-dozen glasses through Goggles4u. The prices are really hard to beat, and I think the quality is good. Delivery could be faster, but I'm willing to wait a few weeks to get the terrific savings."

"Hi: If Any1 Needs Glasses PLEASE Order Them From Goggles4U. I Have Ordered From Them 2different Times Now & It Is Amazing The Quality & Good Job & Affordable. Thanks-Again Sincerly, Juelamariepate"


  • Prices from $6.95 to $49.95
  • Name brand: Rock only designer brand offered
  • Included-
    • 1.5 single vision lenses are included.
    • free anti-scratch coating
  • Free Shipping is available.
  • Warranty- unspecified

EyeBuyDirect offers re-lens service. This allows you to send in your old frames to get new lenses inserted. This is a great option for those who are attached to old frames. EyeBuyDirect offers various styles of frames but progressives and bifocals selection is limited 

Customer Reviews

"I have no complaints with eyebuydirect.com. The glasses are exactly what I ordered and had them in the two weeks that they said I would.They also sent me updated emails on the status of my order. I will purchase from again and recommend them to others."

"Service was fast (considering that Thanksgiving was in the middle). Rec'd in 10 business days. Prescription is fine, price wonderful ($40 for glasses+shipping). Of course, you can't try them on before ordering, but I'm pleased with the results. I'd order again."


  • Prices-from $38.
  • Name brands-Lucky, Diesel and Nike and many more
  • Included-
    • 1.5 lens
  • Shipping-varies
  • Warranty
    • 365 days
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    • 110% price guarantee

GlassesUSA offers a wide variety of moderately priced designer glasses. They have a customer loyalty program for returning customers. If you refer a friend you get 30 dollars as and your friend gets $30.The virtual mirror is a lot simpler to use and allows you to upload a picture directly from the application.

Customer Reviews

"Quick and easy to order. The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was courteous, and knew what he was doing. Will order from Glasses USA next time I need glasses."

"my son broke his glasses and lost a lens. Our insurance wouldn't cover new ones for another 2 1/2 months. I decided to order from online. very low price. Glasses usa said it would be about 8 days to receive them. then I received an email stating they were gonna put all 3 protective coatings (anti-glare, anti-scratch and uv protectant) on them for free. After ordering them I read reviews. I saw alot of negative things about the company and got really worried. well, 3 days after ordering the glasses they arrived at my house. They are perfect. I will definitely buy from them again!


Ordering glasses online is a simple, quick and affordable method of purchasing eyewear. There are many different sites out there that cater to specific consumer needs.

  • Zenni Optical is a simple site that sells very affordable eyewear. They do not sell name brands. They offer one rate shipping.
  • If you are looking for designer frames then Goggle4U is where you can find them. They also have a large selection of frames for progressive and bifocals. 
  • EyeBuyDirect offers re-lens service which is not offered on any of the other 3 sites. That is good option for those who already have their favorite frames. 
  • GlassesUSA sells more moderately priced name brand glasses and also has loyalty programs. If you are a little skeptical about not getting to try them on first GlassesUSA is a risk free option to purchase glasses.


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