Worth Ave. Group vs. Safeware vs. Protect Your Bubble: Personal Property Insurance Compared

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Whether you are looking for coverage for your portable or at-home electronics, your pet or even for your vacation, there are a few names out there you may have heard of. What follows is a breakdown of three leading personal property insurance companies, t



Worth Avenue Group is based in Stillwater, OK and his underwritten by Hanover Insurance Company.


The Worth Avenue Group offers individual policies exclusively for gadgets like cell phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, e-Readers, cameras--even gaming systems for as little as $25 per plan. They also offer insurance for students living in campus housing. If you have a son or daughter attending college and living in a dormitory, this plan will protect their high tech gear from theft or damage. They cover things typically found in dorm rooms such as:

  • clothes
  • furniture
  • musical instruments
  • electronics
  • textbooks
  • bikes

You can get a College Plus Insurance Policy with $2,000 worth of coverage and a $25 deductible for $72.


Easy to find information

Worth Avenue has a very user-friendly website that lays out the basics of their plans with a good FAQ page and a blog for up-to-the-minute information. Use the FAQ page to get your questions answered before and after purchasing a policy. The website's blog provides news items relative to the tech and insurance industries as well as alerts to new apps and products. You can also visit the site to receive money saving discounts, such as 15% off iPad insurance or 10% off your iPhone policy.

Worth Avenue Group FAQs Page:

Easy to file claims

Making a claim on your gadget is pretty simple. For example, if your iPhone suffered some accidental damage and you need it replaced, you have a few options. You can take it to the the nearest Apple store, exchange your phone for a newer model (which should earn you a discounted price), then fill out the Worth Avenue claim form (downloadable from their website). Send it in and you will receive a check for that amount minus the deductible. Or you can send the damaged iPhone directly to Worth Ave., along with the necessary claim form. A check will be issued for the replacement cost, minus the deductible. Claims usually take 3-6 weeks to process. Visit the sight to find out more about claim turnaround times and to get 10% off Laptop Insurance.


Is 3-6 weeks a long time to wait for your reimbursement check? Some people think so, although, this is just an estimate. Certain times of the year are busier than others. There tend to be more claims filed during the summer months when people are most active outside their homes. This is when the turnaround time can reach 6 weeks. If you were to replace your device directly at the retail location, then you'll be set with your phone, you'll just have to wait a few weeks for your reimbursement.



Founded in 1982, Safeware has headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas. Safeware products are underwritten by Fortegra Financial Corporation.


Individual Coverage

Safeware offers policies to protect your laptop or desktop computers against accidental damage, theft and damage from falls or collisions. Their individual  plan also covers the following:

  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Liquid spills or submersion
  • Power surges

Small Business Coverage

Safeware also offers policies to protect the computers and computer related equipment of small business. If you have a small office with a few desktop units, or have employees who work in the field and use laptops, then this policy can be used to cover these machines against left or damage.

Fleet/Large Business Coverage

Large businesses can also purchase policies to cover their equipment. The coverage is essentially the same as for a small business (theft, accidental damages, etc.), but is designed with larger companies in mind.


Safeware policies protect your equipment for the duration of the policy regardless of whether or not you have a claim pending. There is a self-service section on their website where you can update your policy and make payments.


Safeware's website could use an update. Its looks exactly like you might expect an old school insurance company's website to look like and not like one that would be knowledgeable about the latest high tech devices. They also don't offer the same number of options of Protect Your Bubble and Worth Avenue. Also, you can't ge a quote through their website without providing contact information.

Safeware's website:



Protect Your Bubble is a part of Assurant Inc. which is a Fortune 500 company that serves over 56 million people worldwide.


Mobil & Home Gadget Insurance

Gadget insurance plans cover tablets, laptops and smart phones. You can take out a Protect Your Bubble policy on your technology and be covered if your iPhone goes in the toilet, literally. It covers you in the event of theft, loss, or damage. These plans start at $7.99 per month.

Home Warranty

Protect Your Bubble's Home Warranty insurance covers your electronics and appliances inside the home. Protect Your Bubble offers extended warranties on products for as little as $2.49 per month with 0 deductibles. They also have policies to protect cameras, computers, TVs and small electronics.

Pet Insurance

Protect Your Bubble has a variety of plans available to cover your furry friends. And if they can't cover a pet due to a preexisting condition, the still offer a Safety Plan that will cover Rover in the event of an accident including cuts, scrapes, broken bones—even bee stings.

Rental Car Insurance

Not covered for rental car insurance by your credit card company and don't want to use the rental agencies plan? Protect Your Bubble offers plans for as little as $7.99 per day.

Travel Insurance

Protect Your Bubble offers coverage on your vacation trips staring at $12 per trip. Depending on your plan, coverage can include up to $50,000 for medical/dental and emergency assistance as well well coverage for car rental. They also offer up to $500 towards reimbursement for delays and missed connections.

Protect Your Bubble iPhone Insurance page:


Travel insurance is something many people don't think about. Flight delays or missed connections can cost you time off work and that's money going out of your pocket. Protect Your Bubble's $500 reimbursement feature can help protect you. Their rental car insurance is a good compliment if you are renting a car at any point in your travel itinerary. You can even relax and rest assured that your pets are covered while you're away with the companies pet insurance policies.


Some customers of  Protect Your Bubble  have claimed that making their claims are anything but hassle-free. Any company with the number of customers as Protect Your Bubble is bound to have a few unhappy ones and the reviews are generally positive.



For gadget insurance, both in the home and mobile, Worth Avenue Group offers the best coverage and the most plans. They have a great website that makes getting a quote fast and easy.

Safeware is good if you are the owner of a business and need multiple machines and peripherals covered, but if you are an individual, there are better options. While their website does contain a lot of information, it is displayed in densely worded blocks of small type and the site design is not very intuitive. Instant quotes are not available.

If pet or travel insurance is what you're looking for, then Protect Your Bubble is going to be your best option. Their website offers quick quotes on policies. It is also a very user-friendly site with a lot of easy-to-find information.


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