World's Most Captivating Coves and Beautiful Barrier Bars

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Have you seen a cove? How about a barrier bar? You may have already seen one but you are not aware that it is a cove or a barrier bar.

Have you seen a cove? How about a barrier bar? You may have already seen one but you are not aware that it is a cove or a barrier bar. First, let’s define what cove and barrier bar are. A cove, which is also commonly referred to a ‘shelter bay’, is a small type of bay or coastal inlet. A cove usually has narrow, restricted entrance, is often circular or oval, and is often located inside a larger bay. Structures like inlets, sheltered bays, recesses or creeks in a coast are considered coves most of the times.


Lulworth Cove – UK

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Lulworth Cove is a popular tourist destination receiving more than 1 million tourists annually. It is located near the village of West Lulworth on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in Dorset, England. The Lulworth Cove is one of the finest examples of such landform in the world.

Mcway Cove – USA

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The lovely and wonderful McWay Cove is located in California in the United States of America. It is part of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Within the cove is the scenic and astonishing 80 foot tall McWay Falls that flows continuously all year-round.

Astwood Cove – Bermuda

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Some of world’s most unique beaches are Bermuda’s pink sand beaches. One of which is the pink beach located at Astwood Cove which is part of Astwood Park in Bermuda. It is not just pretty but also attractive and unique. It has clear, blue ocean water which is very popular with tourists.

Stair Hole – UK

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Stair Hole is a newly form cove that can be found near the much older Lulworth Cove. This young cove which is just a kilometer away from Lulworth Cove suggests what Lulworth Cove would have looked like thousand years ago. Not so far away from Stair Hole is the famous rock formation called Durdle Door.

Barrier Bars

A barrier bar is a landform that spans a sea, lake or river. Its size ranges from a few meters to hundred kilometers. It is also called shoal, sandbar, gravebar or simply bar and typically composed of silt, sand and pebbles.

Tidal Sandbar – Fiji

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This one is called a tidal sandbar. It connects the islands of Waya and Wayasewa of the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. The Yasawa Group is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands in the Western Division of Fiji. The total area of the archipelago is approximately 135 km².

Doom Bar – UK

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The Doom Bar, which has been the subject of poetry, is a bank of sand located at the estuary of the River Camel where it meets the Celtic Sea on Cornwall’s north coast. This barrier bar is hazardous to shipping and there have been many ships wrecked there through the centuries.

Aside from the above list, there are other barrier bars and cove from around the world.

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