World's Most Brilliantly Colored and Striped Sea Slugs

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These soft-bodied creatures are noted for their extraordinarily colorful appearances and striking forms. Nudibranches are also commonly called sea slugs.

There are hundreds species of marine creatures in the world and nudibranches are among them. To date, there are more than 3,000 described species of nudibranches. These soft-bodied creatures are noted for their extraordinarily colorful appearances and striking forms. Nudibranches are also commonly called sea slugs.

Here are 16 of the most beautifully colored and striped nudibranches.

1.) Chromodoris annae

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Chromodoris annae is a very colorful sea slug with black lines and white and orange edge. This blue shell-less mollusk can be found in the Pacific Ocean from Malaysia to the Marshall Islands.

2.) Berghia coerulescens

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This brightly colored species of sea slug is regarded as a pest of aquarium hobbyists. It will sting other specimens that it may encounter within its environment. This nudibranch has a relatively short life cycle.

3.) Cuthona yamasui

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White, blue and yellow combinations make the Cuthona yamasui an awesome-looking species of sea slug. This pretty nudibranch belongs to the Tergipedidae family.

4.) Chromodoris quadricolor

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Like the Chromodoris annae, Chromodoris quadricolor is a very colorful species of se slug with a combination of blue and dark blue stripes. This lovely-looking dorid nudibranch can be found in the Western Indian Ocean.

5.) Magnificent Chromodoris (Chromodoris magnifica)

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The adorable Chromodoris magnifica is a brilliantly colored species that lives in the Western Pacific Ocean from Philippines and Indonesia to New Guinea and Eastern Australia. This magnificent nudibranch with striking and vibrant color combination of longitudinal blue, black, white and yellow lines with orange gills resembles the Chromodoris quadricolor.

6.) Loch’s Chromodoris (Chromodoris lochi)

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The elegant-looking Loch’s Chromodoris is a colorful species of sea slug that can be found in the tropical waters of Western Pacific Ocean from the Philippines in the Northern Hemisphere to the Great Barrier Reef in the Southern Hemisphere.

7.) Three Striped Slug (Chromodoris macfarlandi)

Image Source

Simplicity is beauty. This is what the Chromodoris macfarlandi is emphasizing with its simple color combination. This colorful sea slug species is also known as Glossodoris macfarlandi.

8.) Chelidonura palida

Image Source

The Chelidonura pallida looks pretty with its simple color combination of white and yellow-black linings. This species of headshield slug belongs to the Aglajidae family.

9.) Chromodoris joshi

Image Source

The shell-less Chromodoris joshi is a sea slug is a species that attains a length of 60 mm. It is a yellow dorid nudibranch with three black stripes on its mantle. This lovely-looking creature that can be found in the Philippines and nearby waters is covered with white flecks and the gills and rhinophores are a pumpkin orange.

10.) Chromodoris krohni

Image Source

Most nudibranch species that are brightly colored belongs to the Chromodorididae family like the captivating Chromodoris krohni. This colorful sea slug species has 3 yellow stripes on its mantle.

11.) Nembrotha kubaryana

Image Source

Nembrotha kubaryana is a uniquely colored nudibranch that belongs to Polyceridae family. This colorful sea slug on the above photo was taken at Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

12.) Sea Squirt (Nembrotha lineolata)

Image Source

The beautiful Nembrotha lineolata is a species of nudibranch that appears unique due to the fine liens on its body. This colorful sea slug belongs to the Polyceridae family.

13.) Twin-crowned Nudibranch (Polycera sp)

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The lovely-looking Twin-crowned Nudibranch is a colorful sea slug species that grows u to 30 mm. It lives off the southern African coast off the Cape Peninsula in False Bay and off Durban in 2-30 meters. Its mantle is white or gray with black, yellow or orange stripes.

14.) Chelidonura varians

Image Source

The small but beautiful Chelidonura varians is a colorful sea slug that belongs to the Cephalaspidae family. Its distinguishing trait is the blue lines. This headshield slug is similar to Chelidonura livida.

15.) Eelgrass Sea Hare (Phyllaplysia taylori)

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The Eelgrass Sea Hare which is also commonly called Taylor’s Sea Hare is a colorful slug that belongs to the Aplysiidae commonly known as the ‘sea hares’. This species can be found on the Pacific Coast of the United States from British Columbia, Canada, to San Diego, California.

16.) Hypselodoris villafran

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The colorful Hypselodoris villafranca is a beautiful species of sea slug that can be found on the coasts of the Eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea from France to Morocco and nearby islands.

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