Why Creative Writing is a Great Hobby

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Not every creative writer should aspire to becoming an overnight publishing success. Some people like to write just for the sake of it – as a creative outlet. This article explores reasons why people should value the ability to put their thoughts a

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Not every creative writer wants to or should aspire to becoming an overnight publishing success. Some people like to write just for the sake of it as a creative outlet or for a variety of other reasons. This article explores reasons why people should value the ability to put their thoughts and feelings into words. It provides examples of how creative writing can provide a sense of wellbeing or a channel to a whole new career.

Why some people need to write

Some people do not have the ability to openly express their feelings vocally. However, they often find comfort in being able to write these feelings in words either on paper with a pen or on their computer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this tactic. In fact, expressing thoughts and feelings, even privately by writing, can be a great release and useful therapy.

Others might like to document their life in a journal or diary. It is a way of preserving past memories for later recall. How I wish I had documented every aspect of my life. I have a great memory, but how good would total recall be?

Family history writing is another reason for people to want to write. Genealogy research can be a great hobby that leads to the researcher wanting to write a book about their forefathers and living relatives. This has become a popular pursuit for a lot of people who have had the urge to know more about past family members and the lives they lived. There has even been a TV show about the topic Who do you think you are.

Whatever the reason people want to write creatively, it is one of the best things in life to do.


Examples of how creative writing for wellbeing

I have always had an over-active imagination. Sometimes it is so strong that I suffer disappointment when things I imagine will happen don't come true. I have to live with that aspect of my personality. However, when I became a serious creative writer almost 20 years ago, I was amazed that putting my imaginings into storytelling made my real life more centered and real. I basically live in two worlds now my real world and my creative writing world. Again, there is nothing wrong with this. It just takes all types to make a world, as the saying goes. Creative writing makes me very happy. Manipulating my book characters has taught me a lot about life, relationships and how to manage challenges in life.

People who live alone could have limited interaction with others. Being able to write throughs and feelings can stave off loneliness. It opens up new mental experiences that could otherwise lay dormant. Being caught up in an imaginary world makes the real world go away for a while.

Those who have a stressful professional life can find creative writing to be a nice change from the pressures of everyday business life. Being able to escape into a different arena can take the pressure down. It can provide balance to an otherwise hectic life. It can even give a great meaning to life.

When creative writing becomes a serious pursuit

I have seen examples of people who have started to write creatively without any aspiration of becoming serious about it. Somewhere down the track they have experienced a great desire to explore their hobby writing to the extent that they eventually become a published author. One friend who had this happen was told to write by her doctor so she could fill in time while recovering from a serious back injury. She is now an international multi-published author earning a living from her writing in several genres.

My own creative writing experience evolved when I became bored with my profession as a technical writing. I still had to do technical writing to earn a living, but a whole new world opened up to me when I began to study romance and general fiction writing. The desire had been simmering in my mind since childhood, but it took a lot of life's experience before I was ready to take the plunge and become a serious creative writer. Now, as a full-time career for my mother who has dementia, it is great to escape the stresses of daily life into my other world inhabited by my book people. Seeing their lives evolve is quite exciting.


Creative writing is one of life's most wonderful pursuits. If you are the least bit inclined, give it a try. You never know where it might lead.


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