Which Cigarettes Are Lowest in Tar?

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Kristen McCurry discusses the differing amounts of tar in various brands of cigarettes.

Tobacco companies that make cigarettes may use different types of tobacco. To determine which tobacco yields the least amount of tar, it is necessary to evaluate cigarette brands. The level of tar, the sticky substance that is left behind when cigarettes are smoked, varies among cigarette brands. Whether you smoke non-menthol or menthol cigarettes, a little research into the amount of tar in cigarettes can benefit you when choosing which brand to smoke.

Tar is not inherent in a cigarette, per say. It is a sticky, unhealthy by-product of burning tobacco and it remains in the lungs after smoking a cigarette. Keeping in mind that all cigarettes are dangerous to your health, a lower level of tar in a cigarette is an aspect for consumers who smoke to consider when choosing a brand.

Tar is defined as the fraction of smoke collected on a filter pad after burning a cigarette in the laboratory under specified conditions. How is this measured? A laboratory machine, using an internationally recognized standard method, "smokes" a cigarette. Particles from the smoke are collected on a special filter pad. First, the gases that pass through the pad are measured for carbon monoxide. Nicotine and water are then analyzed. After that process, the tar yield for printing on the cigarette pack is calculated after the extraction of nicotine and water from that originally stuck on the filter pad.

As stated before, the level of tar left after smoking varies among different brands of cigarettes. There are seven brands of cigarettes recognized as yielding the least amount of tar. Brands Carlton and Now contain the least amount of tar, only .5 mg. These cigarettes are marketed as Carlton King Ultra Lights, Now Kings and Now 100s. Cambridge King Ultimates, Merit Kings, Bristol Kings and Carlton Ultra Light Menthols yield about 1 mg of tar after smoking. These cigarettes are marketed as low in tar. Although these brands might not be as popular as Marlboro or Camel brands, they are still work seeking out if your concern about cigarettes is about how much tar you ingest when smoking.

For smokers, having the knowledge of the amount of tar in a cigarette gives an opportunity to choose wisely. Although there are generally considered about 500 other by-products of smoking cigarettes, low tar is an important aspect of smoking wisely.

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Sabir Hussain Shah
Posted on May 31, 2011