Where to Find Chickens for Sale

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Many people think that having chickens, either for pets, or for eggs, is a great idea; they just do not know where, or how, to buy chickens!

There are actually places where a person can buy chickens, but matter is not that simple, a person must also decide if they want to buy chickens, chicks, or eggs for hatching.

Buying Eggs for Hatching

The eggs you buy at the grocery store will not hatch. Hatching eggs can be purchased from people who keep chickens, and bird auctions, bird shows, and sales, since they require special care it is best you buy from somebody reputable, so you can be sure they did not get too hot, too cold, or shook up (or accidentally dropped). Some hatcheries will sell hatching eggs but require you to pick them up from the hatchery.

Hatching your own eggs can be rewarding but there is no guarantee of success, you need an incubator, brooder, and time! As well you will get mixed sex chicks.

Buying Chicks

You can buy day-old, week-old, or older, chicks. Your local livestock store may sell chicks, or may require you to order them from a hatchery which will deliver to the store on a regular basis. Most often delivery of chicks is seasonal (only in warm weather, but not hot). You may be able to order directly from the hatchery and pick up the birds yourself. Sexed chicks will be more expensive than unsexed.

Poultry auctions also sell chicks. If your area has bird shows and sales they may have sellers there. Sometimes poultry keepers will advertise hatched chicks for sale on bulletin boards at livestock feed stores.

Buying Adult Chickens

Hatcheries rarely sell their mature birds, if they do it is their older birds. You may find adult chickens for sale in ads on the Internet, advertised on bulletin boards at livestock feed stores, or poultry shows, sales, and auctions.

©Author photo - birds at auction, geese on top of chickens.

How to Find Poultry Auctions

Depending on your area you may have auction markets that sell chickens and other poultry. These are the auction markets that usually sell other livestock. They may sell fowl once a month, or once in the spring, and once in the fall. You can ask at your local livestock feed store about these auctions, look for advertising for them, or call the various livestock auction markets and ask around. Some of these auctions will be birds only while others will also sell small exotic pets, sheep, goats, and so on.

How to Find Poultry Shows and Sales

Again, your local livestock feed store is an excellent resource for finding shows and sales. These are often posted on the bulletin boards. The staff may be involved with local bird clubs or may know of such clubs, from there you can find more information.


You can also turn to the Internet to find birds for sale, and to find sellers in your area. Be aware of scams, do not purchase birds until you can see them and take them home. The Internet can also help you find sales and hatcheries in your area. Livestock newspapers often have information about birds for sale too.


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