When is the Best Time to Get a New Puppy, or Dog?

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When is a good time of year to get a new dog or puppy? Tips for planning on getting a new puppy or adult dog. How to adopt a dog. How to adopt a puppy? When is the best time to get a puppy? Learn about problems in regards to seasons as they relate t

Many people wonder when is the best time to adopt, or buy a new puppy, or dog. While there is no one hard and fast rule, there are times that may be better for your situation, and lifestyle.  There are some questions to ask yourself to be sure you are ready for a new puppy, or dog, as well as things ou should know in regards to selecting the right dog.


In spring the weather is good for house training, there many be many adult dogs for sale, and even a few puppies. The problem with getting a new dog, or puppy, at this time of year can be that you are busy with yard work, and the ground is often muddy.


Summer can be the ideal time, the ground is firm, and the weather is ideal for house training. Shelters, and dog breeders, often have puppies, and dogs, available at this time. The problem with summer is that many people take holidays. Getting a new dog, or puppy, right before going on holidays is not usually a good idea – it will interfere with house training and bonding – or the first thing that happens is the animal is left behind in a boarding kennel.

Summer is an ideal time to get a new dog, or puppy, only if people are going to be home to house train it, spend time with it, and getting a start on Obedience training. If children are home from school over the summer they can also help.

Getting a puppy at the end of summer might be a poor choice if nobody is going to be home to house train it. Remember dogs are pack animals – they need to be part of the family. They should have somebody home with them for at least their first two weeks in their new home.


Fall can be a good time to get a new dog, or puppy, provided somebody is home to help get it house trained.


One concern with winter is that it can be cold out. New puppies, and some smaller breeds of adult dogs, have a hard time in cold weather, and as such house training may be tricky. New puppy owners must be aware that to correctly house train a dog the owner needs to go outside with it every time and reward it instantly for going to the bathroom while outside (rewarding it when it comes in only teaches it to come in).

Christmas and Birthdays

These are the worst times to get a new dog, or puppy. Pets should never be gifts. People bond better to pets they have selected for themselves, and when brought home at Christmas, or for a Birthday gift, the new pet is often overwhelmed by other chaos in the home, and sometimes forgotten in the fuss.

Pets should be well thought out, planned for, not sudden gifts. Many pets who were acquired as gifts are not kept for their lifetime, as such a dog, or a puppy, should never be a Christmas present, or birthday gift.

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Best Time to Get a New Puppy or Dog

The best time to bring home a new puppy, or dog, is when you can afford to spend time with it, getting it to bond, and house training it. Even a dog that is already house trained will need reinforcement in your home. A new puppy should not be left home alone for more than four hours at a time. Either plan to get a new puppy when somebody is home from work for at least two weeks, or when somebody can come home part way through the day to let it out for bathroom breaks.

Before bringing home a new dog or pup your yard should be fully fenced – keeping dogs on chains often creates aggression, and leaves them at risk for being attacked by loose dogs.

Bringing the new dog, or puppy, home early enough in the day will allow it some time to play, however it should not be smothered (or taken off your property until fully vaccinated) - a tired dog will sleep better on its first night.

Be aware the number one reason that dogs develop bad habits, such as digging, and barking, is because they are left alone and are bored.

Adoption Tips

If adopting from a shelter, plan on going there one day to select the dog or puppy you want. Have the shelter keep it for you for 24 hours, allowing you to go out and buy the supplies specific to that dogs need (the same dog food it is on, a collar, leash, and so forth).

It takes about two hours, or more, to select a dog, or pup, for adoption, and to complete the adoption process – so be sure to show up to the shelter early.

Some shelters put new dogs up for adoption once a week, some will let you know what day euthanasias are preformed – if you truly want to rescue a dog you may inquire as to which dogs have been at the shelter the longest – being sure to select one that is suited to your lifestyle.

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