When is International Twit Award Month

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International Twit Award Month is a special theme for very special people. These people make the class clown look tame. Twits are the annoying folks that take teasing to the extreme. Now, there's a twit award just for them.

There seems to be some debate on when is International Twit Month. Every month has its very own wacky theme. The idea is borrowed from the more serious designations that are often done through Proclamation. Some of the themes leave you wondering how the unusual observances were chosen. Twit Month may be one of those that leave us wondering.


Confusion surrounds the question of when is International Twit Month. Some sources like Oracle ThinkQuest are showing that it’s in February. Other sources like McGraw-Hill are showing it listed for April. Both of these lists of unusual observances have been put together by Oracle and McGraw-Hill for students which lends credibility to the observation of Twit Month.


Dictionary.com defines slang for twit as a “foolishly annoying person”. In other words, these are the people who like to get on your nerves you by doing any or even all of the following:

  • Tease you for mistakes
  • Taunt you by calling you names
  • Ridicule you by making you the brunt of a bad joke
  • Put you down.

In other words, twits are those individuals who enjoy getting entertainment at our expense. They attempt to be the center of attention by trying to make everyone else look or feel stupid. These can be aggravating playground bullies or the corporate boss. Twits are not nice people to be around and are avoided by most. Unfortunately, they exist in every level of society.

Who are twits

It may not feel like it at the time but their mean spirited clowning behavior often makes them look more foolish than the object of their entertainment. This is a realization to be savored.

There are a few people who enjoy joking around who know when to stop. These may be the office clown or prankster. These are people are aware that some lines should not be crossed. They respect boundaries and typically try only to put some extra pep to the workday. These folks can relax. They aren’t the target of International Twit Award Month.

Ways to celebrate

So, what can you do to celebrate International Twit Award Month on behalf of the annoying person in your life?

Fortunately, the people around the office twit are generally more respectful than the potential award nominee. Sure, you can daydream about hiding the copy paper or replacing the coffee with decaffeinated instead of the usual variety. You might even dream conspiring with coworkers or classmates to develop a complicated plan of revenge.

No matter when you choose to celebrate it there is one thing you can do that’s guaranteed to get on the nerves of any twit in your office. When he or she is up to the familiar antics you can smile to yourself. After all, there is a very special award for this very special person. Best of all, the nominee for International Twit Award Month will have no idea what you’re grinning about.

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