What is Your Birthstone?

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Twelve gemstones represent the 12 months of the year. Discover and learn which gemstone is your birthstone.

Twelve gemstones or birth stones represent the twelve months of the year, and in a metaphysical sense can be representative of an individual’s personality. In the past, ancient cultures have paralleled gemstones to the movement of stars, which they believed profoundly influenced many aspects of their life's. Gemstones are as old as the earth and their brilliance could be compared to the stars in the night sky. This gave them celestial, spiritual and eternal power. There was also a reverence for a gemstones relationship to healing and an affinity to individual people.

The idea of a human, gemstone- spiritual connection continues to prevail in modern times. Although these beliefs are less wide spread today, they are still practiced by the Hindu religion in ayurdedic medicine. These days and especially in western culture, birth stones have more of a gift and personal value that is more about giving pleasure than healing. However for those who believe and receive birth stones from their loved ones, the healing power of the gemstone is all apparent.     


Garnet: January, with zodiac sign Capricorn: Garnet is not so much a single gemstone but a group of gemstones which comprises six types. The best known is the almandine, which is a deep red color. Most people think of garnets as common but in fact some types are very rare. In a metaphysical sense those who wear January’s birth stone garnet are associated with cleanliness, fidelity and companionship.             

Amethyst: February, zodiac sign Aquarius: It is traditionally believed that wearing an amethyst ring helps control negative emotions. Also the ancient Greeks believed that wearing or drinking wine from a goblet made of amethyst could maintain ones sobriety. Those who wear amethyst are said to be dependable, adventures and harmonious.

Aquamarine: March, with zodiac sign Pisces:  Aquamarine is a type of beryl crystal and its name means “green of the sea”. It is considered a ladies stone and shares an affinity with emerald. Another type of beryl called heliotrope which is dark green in color is considered too be for men. It is often used in signet rings and for coats of arms. This stone is associated with dependability and amiability.

Diamond: April, with zodiac sign Aries: Diamond is considered the king of gems. Indeed other gemstones are often combined with diamonds to increase their value and charm. According to metaphysical beliefs a person who wears this birth stone is harmonious and articulate.                                                                                                

Emerald: May, with zodiac sign Taurus: Emerald is the gemstone that has been adored and cherished since ancient times. Its vivid green is reminiscent of spring time, rebirth and natures eternal cycle. Metaphysically speaking people who wear the emerald are perceptive and have a good recollection of the past.

Moonstone, pearl, alexandrite: June, zodiac sign Gemini: Peal is assigned to the month of June. Although it is not a gemstone it is considered our oldest jewel. Moonstones can be gray they can be a white water, shimmering silver. These who wear pearls or the stones of this zodiac sign are said to be monogamous and dependable.

Ruby: July, zodiac sign Cancer: Rubies have traditionally been considered by many including royalty and gemstone connoisseurs superior to diamonds and emeralds. Those who wear rubies can easily find companionship and contentment. They are honest and devoted.

Peridot: August, zodiacs sign Leo: The green of peridot is reminiscent of the greenest pasture. It can also appear slightly golden in color. Those who wear peridot are said to be conservative and noble.                                        

Sapphire: September, zodiac sign Virgo: Sapphire is the stone that promotes well being. It has many mesmerizing shades of blue and other colors. Metaphysically speaking, those who wear sapphires are reliable and truthful.

Tourmaline, opal: October, zodiac sign Libra: Benjamin Franklin had a fascination for tourmaline because it can be statically charged just from body warmth. He studied and used it for his experiments. Those who wear opals have determination and enchantment.

Topaz, Citrine: November, zodiac sign Scorpio: Yellow, honey colored topaz is compared to autumn and the color of fall leaves. People who wear topaz are said to be dependable and amicable.

Turquoise: December, zodiac sign Sagittarius: Turquoise is said to help ward of disease and those who wear turquoise are said to be articulate, innovative and supportive. Turquoise originated from Persia more than 3000 years ago and is one of oldest gemstones.

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