What Do I Do to Keep Him/Make Him Fall Back in Love With Me?

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Secret ways to make an impact on a man through your looks.

A renowned author shares the secret ways to make an impact on a man through your looks:

Always wear a subtle scent. Guys get turned off with too strong perfume; choose a perfume that complement your body chemistry then wear it light.  Baby cologne are even better and sexier.  Spray perfumes on your pulse points to get the most effect.

Long hair is still sexier if you ask most guysJust keep it clean and healthy.  Keep your hair naturally flowing around your shoulders.  Skip the hair sprays and hair clip.  Learn the art of flirting with your hair to win him back.  It will drive him crazy!

Some guys get turned on by animal prints Tiger or leopard prints are alright as long as you can carry it with enough sophistication.

Girls look appealingly helpless in oversized men's clothes.  If you're going to a sporty affair or casual, wear a man's polo instead of usual girly blouses.  You'll look fragile for him to cuddle. 

Bare back can be sexy.  instead of showing off your cleavage, show off you back with a backless or low-cut blouse at the back,  Learn how to "roll"  your shoulders gracefully.

Show off some fresh but do it the subtle way. If you got lotion-soft, blemish-free shoulders, you can go sleeveless instead of plunging your neckline.  Leave a button of your blouse "accidentally" open instead of showing off your belly button.

Red is a very sexy color.  Wear  tight-fitting   mini-skirts or short shorts. You can also accessorize with red: red shoes, red bangles or red nail polish.

Show them off, if you have a great legs.   Wear mini-skirts or short shorts.  Skip the stockings.  Bare flesh is sexier.  Wear sandals instead of closed shoes to show off your dainty toes.  Just be sure your pedicure's not yet chipped off.  Tight skirt with high heels can make a guy's eyes pop out of their sockets!



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