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What is Knoji, specifically? Knoji is a resource which provides accurate advice and information related to shopping, e-commerce and consumer issues. They are powered by a community of writers, product experts and deal curators who create and publish info

What is Knoji, specifically? is a consumer resource website that is dedicated to online shoppers who seek fast and friendly reviews and information on any shopping or retail website on the World Wide Web. Knoji (originally named Factoidz), is a freelance writing site wanting to help all customers and sellers both. This site provides Reviews, Guides, and even general articles in order to make the shopping competition over the Internet that much easier.

Knoji even provides answers to consumer related questions that can effect or affect one's shopping experience. For every single website which you shop on, rest assured that this site directory can give you quality information about it.

The Site Changes with the Market

Knoji is always apt to change with the market. I remember when this site only consisted of articles about places, events, and things. Since then, it has adapted to its competition and demand and customer user content. Although, there aren't many sites out there who offer such services for internet users, Knoji is building a solid foundation and reputation by applying its specific services to the infinity of the internet. The site changes, and these changes depends on what shopping sites are platueing and which companies are loosing buyers.

Amazon and Ebay are trendy topics on Knoji.


As mentioned before, one of the strengths of this site lies within its variety. It is host to an abundance of articles professionally written based on a variety of topics from sports, fashion, electronics, media, and of course business. In addition this site hosts numerous product reviews for different websites, websites that specialize in consumer buying. 

There are also other activities in which Knoji writers or visitors can socialize on. For instance, writers can post questions on the answer forum, so other writers who expertise in that topic can assist you. Comparing sites and Coupon Sharing are also some features that standout on this site.

Networking & Communications is a fair place to communicate personal opinions and beliefs, but writers must still have an expertise. The greater number of articles and reviews that one writes, the more fans and followers which you will acquire over time. It is a good site to start on as a freelancer and a quick way to make money.

As of recent, though, has become less writer friendly, having less comments and votes on articles and different kinds of content.

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