Wagon Train TV Show Memorabilia Values

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NBC/ABC's Wagon Train (1957-65) was one of the era's most successful TV westerns. Ward Bond was the original wagonmaster until his death in 1960, with John McIntire, Robert Horton, Frank McGrath and Robert Fuller also in the cast. Valuable Wagon Train TV

The popular TV western Wagon Train ran from 1957 to 1965 producing 284 episodes. Ward Bond (Major Seth Adams), John McIntire (Chris Hale), Robert Horton (Flint McCullough), Frank McGrath (Charlie Wooster), Terry Wilson (Bill Hawks), Denny Miller (Duke Shannon) and Robert Fuller (Cooper Smith) were featured through the years. Here are ten valuable Wagon Train TV show collectibles that are sure to excite TV western fans and collectors...

Wagon Train Lunchbox & Thermos

King-Seeley produced the official Wagon Train metal lunchbox and thermos in 1964 bearing a copyright from Revue Studios. One set in excellent condition brought a top bid of $153.06 at auction.

Wagon Train lunchbox with thermos $153.06 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

Wagon Train Seth Adams T-Shirt

A child's T-shirt made by Allston in 1958 picturing wagonmaster Major Seth Adams and trail scout Flint McCullough in excellent condition sold at auction for $45.

Wagon Train T-shirt $45 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

Wagon Train Coloring Book

Whitman produced a Wagon Train coloring book in 1960. It carries a value of $25-30 in unused condition.

Wagon Train Gun and Holster Set

The Leslie-Henry Co. made the official Wagon Train Gun and Holster Set in 1958. A near mint example still in its illustrated box could be worth over $300.

Wagon Train Marx Play Set

One of the biggest items in the field is the Wagon Train Play Set made by Marx Toys as No. 4788-Series 2000. Find a complete example still in its original box and it could sell for over $750.

Wagon Train Original Title Art

The original title cel art for the Wagon Train TV logo professionally matted and mounted sold at auction for $1,792.50. The item had come to auction directly from the Pacific Title Art Collection.

Wagon Train original cel art $1,792.50 - Heritage Auctions

Wagon Train Game

Milton Bradley produced the Wagon Train Game in 1960. Examples in complete excellent condition can sell in the $75-100 range.

Wagon Train Dell Four Color #971 Comic Book

Dell Publishing produced the first Wagon Train comic book series from 1958-62. Dell four color #971 dated February 1959 in graded CGC near mint- 9.2 condition sold at auction for $113.53. Original price: ten cents. 

Wagon Train Dell #971 comic $113.53 - Heritage Auctions

Wagon Master Title Lobby Card

TV's Wagon Train is based on the 1950 RKO movie Wagon Master starring Ben Johnson, Joanne Dru, Ward Bond and Harry Carey Jr. A title lobby card in very fine condition brought $44 at auction.

Wagon Master title card $44 - Heritage Auctions

Wagon Train, TV Guide, April 11, 1959

Ward Bond (1903-1960) as Major Seth Adams graces the cover of the April 11, 1959, edition of TV Guide. This issue sells for $25-30 in top condition.

Wagon Train TV Show Collectibles Credits

  • All auction/sales results courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas; Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania; TV Guide Specialists, Macomb, Illinois

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