VirtaPay A.k.a. The World's Biggest Online Scam, An In-Depth Look At How The Owner Of This Site Profits From Your False Membership

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Here's an article about VirtaPay, one of the most advanced and succesful online scams ever created. We're taking an in-depth look at this online scam and discover how the owner of this site profits from your fake membership.

Virtapay (formally, promises to pay the user $20 every day for just logging in, and gives $100 free to every new user. They say they offer this amount of money because they need people's opinion on their service while they're preparing to "attack" PayPal with their own online payment system. But that's just what they say they do ...

I joined Virtapay way back when it was still called I (and hundreds with me) was lured in by the promise of $20/day and I actively logged in each day and saw my earnings rise, and rise, and rise. I persisted in doing so for about half a year, until it was no longer worth it (they kept expending their site which is supposed to be a payment system with things like ad sharing and clickbank sites). Even though they say they kick people after two months of inactivity, almost a year later when I logged in and checked on my account to see the site's progress my account was still there and I had accumulated a total of about $1500 (for just logging in). That's one of the reasons this site's a scam, any serious business would have kicked me out and would have given me nothing at all. But there's more reasons to believe this is a very evil scam:

  • VirtaPay promotes Clickbank products in their blog posts (if someone buys them, they earn money!) Most Clickbank products (but not all) are usually worth nothing. No true payment processor would ever advertise these products on their site.
  • The owner of Virtapay is said to be the old owner of another big online scam that was taken down.
  • Virtapay uses Google Adsense on their website. Let's just assume they have 4000 users, and they receive $0,35/click on their ads. You can do the math.
  • They keep expending their service with unnecessary features like ad sharing.
  • You can buy on-site content with your VirtaPay balance, but these products are often bad, worthless Clickbank products. It wouldn't surprise me if half of the items that are for sale are actually VirtaPay's own items, but I can't say anything about that.
  • They keep attracting their users with blog posts that promise to do this and that within that much time. But in the end, those features are delayed once again. VirtaPay was due to launch somewhere in 2011, they're not any further than ad sharing at the moment though.
  • How could a starting company pay hundreds if not thousands of people $20 every day? Do the math, it's impossible!
  • They say VirtaPay dollars are going to be worth something once. If at all, you could probably exchange $1000 VirtaPay dollars for $1 USD.
  • You can only login to VirtaPay with Facebook. Logging in automatically likes the "VirtaPay Facebook page".

Now any optimist would say: "Yeah, but if it's not a scam after all, I have thousands of real life dollars!". Now that's what I though. Until I realized I was spending my valuable time on that fake site every day, and I went writing for Factoidz instead, which has turned out to be a great, real, success so far.

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charlie brooker
Posted on Jul 9, 2014