Understanding the Different Types of Errors in Computer Programming

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Computer programming is an area that can have three major types of errors that can happen. One is known as syntax, which is common when starting out. There is also the runtime error, which can cause a program to terminate unexpectedly if an exception is


Computer programming is an area that could have potentially three types of errors. As far as working with them, it can happen. The one you don’t want is known as the syntax because the program or web site depending upon the skill set will not function properly.

Syntax error

Perhaps the most common is known as the syntax error.  It is the one component that does not allow a program to continue to be written.  As far as the way it works, it happens during the process of compiling and building the program.  Depending upon the programming language being utilized, it goes through that exact process.

A possibility is that there could be a spelling error. That would have to deal with variables more than anything.  Depending upon the type of program being developed, it could happen.  Sometimes it could be there without realizing it and it does happen.  Nevertheless, the best way to correct it would be to make sure that all variables match from top to bottom.

It should be mentioned that it is possible that there could be formatting. In some languages like C++ or Java, there is a semi colon that is needed to end a statement.  It could be overlooked slightly but depending upon what program that is being utilized, it may indicate it. For example, Visual Studio 2010 will show it with C++.  Java is the same way.

Final example for this has to do with not initializing variables.  For languages that are specific with the data type, it can really play a role.  An example would be an integer type not being mentioned until getting to a statement without declaring it formally. Languages like PHP or Perl do not need that, however, there will need to be a dollar sign in how it is set up.