Travis Wall: Biography of A Dancer and Choreographer

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A brief article about Travis Wall.

Travis Wall is an extraordinary talent in the world dance, and choreography. 2006 was a golden year for Travis as he became a member of the television show, "So You Think You Can Dance." Travis has the heart of an artist, and he becomes the music. When he dances he breathes emotion and heart. When Travis Wall dances there are no boundaries, the stage is almost too small to fill his vision.

He is a dancer in his body, mind, and soul. In 2006, Mia Michaels won her first Emmy for her choreography, of "The Bench Routine". Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz breathed life into that piece, and touched everyone who ever saw it.

In the fifth season of, "So You Think You Can Dance" the show's producers hired Travis Wall as a choreographer for the show. The student had now become the teacher. The dancer has become the artist. His visions are able to inspire millions of people each week.

Travis Wall's spirit flies as a dancer, but his heart is shown ever more clearly as a choreographer. Travis Wall pieces are often complicated, and often takes the viewer to a world that might even break your heart, but it is so beautiful that you do not even care.

As a choreographer, Travis has created pieces for his sick mother, and the memory of a toxic best friend. The dance is technically brilliant, but the emotion is what creates life. The heart ache that people often feel, but are scared to express is there in a Travis Wall contemporary piece. He invest himself, and his life's stories into every note or movement of choreography. The dancers feel his connection to his art, and it takes on a new life in their personal interpretation. He allows dancers to expose parts of their deepest soul by first, and always exposing himself more. Great exposes a personal piece of the artist who creates, and this is what Travis Wall does with everything he does.

Travis Wall reminds people that there are individuals who create authentic pieces of art, and that art like life is not always filled with happiness. Travis Wall creates the most beautiful joy in showing sometimes sadness and pain. Travis Wall's career will be long because he listens to the true feeling within himself, and gives the world the most part of the those feelings, true brilliance.


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