Top 10 Gift Ideas for Horse Owners

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What are some good gift ideas for a horse owner. Original gift ideas for somebody who owns a horse. Where should you look when shopping for a horse owner? What are some gift suggestions for a person who loves horses? What to buy for a new horse owner?

1.  A quality calendar featuring the breed of horse that your recipients horse is. If your person does not own a purebred horse find one featuring the style of riding that the person does, be it Saddle seat, hunt seat, rodeo, or whatever. Or look to find one with stunning horse photography. The best horse calendars are often found in tack stores or livestock feed stores.

2.  Have a professional pet photographer take their horse's picture. This is a lot more intensive than taking a picture of a cat or dog, because the photographer has to come to you. As such if you can get other people interested in having their horses photographed it may reduce what you pay individually. Another idea would be to have an artist draw or paint the horse from a current, good, photo.

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3.  Although most people do not think of horses playing with toys, for some horses, toys are really important, particularly if the horse is not in a large community pasture with many other horses. Horse toys are available at tack and saddlery stores as well as livestock feed stores. The most common horse toy is a large, solid ball, with a handle the horse can pick up in its mouth.

4.  Horse love treats, and owners often feel good about giving them, but sometimes forget to buy them. Buy your horse owner a bag of carrots, or a bag of healthy horse treats.  Look for flavored mineral licks, but be sure they are specific for horses. 

5.  Clothing for the owner that celebrates their horses breed. Go to a tack store, or livestock feed store, and look for shirts with “I love my....” on it, pick one that matches the breed of horse your person owns. The term for an unregistered horse is a “Grade”, which is the equivalent to a mutt in dog terms. If you do not know what breed there horse is, just ask them.

6.  Most horse people find they can never have too many brushes. Even more important is something to carry their grooming supplies in. If your horse person needs brushes, go out and see what the market has to offer. Talk to one of the people in the tack store, or livestock supply store, and ask what brushes are best.

7.  An extra halter and lead shank are often handy items to have. You need to know what size of head the horse has. If the halter is out of the question, a new lead shank is still a good idea.

8.  If the horse is a foal (youngster) the person might appreciate a measuring tape for horses, or a book on working with young horses. Similarly equipment for it when its bigger (as the halter mentioned above) might be good ideas too.

9.  A name plate for the stall. There are several forms of these, often a woodworker can make one with the horses name engraved, or carved into the wood, as with a scroll saw. All you need to be sure of is the correct spelling of the horses name and the length of the piece of wood. You can find these in other forms too.

10.  If they are not a professional rider, they may enjoy going to a riding clinic, or having a few extra lessons or coaching sessions. This is great if it is a person who aspires to going to horse shows, or who struggles and horse shows and cannot seem to get the ribbons they feel they deserve. Ask another knowledgeable horse person for their advice on picking an appropriate clinic, instructor, or coach.

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Posted on Dec 12, 2011
Posted on Dec 12, 2011