Top 10 Gift Ideas for Cat Owners

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What are some gift ideas for cat owners? What are some supplies cats need? Unique ideas for the cat lover on your gift list. What sort of things do new cat owners need and might want as a present? Suggestions on Christmas or birthday presents for a per

Buying gifts for a loving cat owner is easy with this list of top 10 items.

1.  A Cat Calendar. If their cat is a purebred, look for a calendar that features his, or her, breed. These can often be found in pet supply stores or online. Most people own mixed breeds of cats, as such a cat calendar with good quality pictures might be a terrific gift. Better yet, look for a calendar from a local cat shelter or charity. In this way some of the money spent also goes to helping homeless cats, something your cat owner will appreciate, especially if their kitty was adopted from a shelter.

2.  Cat Furniture. A cat owner can never have too much cat furniture. Cats enjoy sitting up high, so nothing elaborate is needed as long as it has a resting place on the top. Avoid cat furniture with dangling toys, or cut them off, as these pose strangulation risks. Rub some cat nip on this before giving it and the cat will sure to be thrilled.

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3.  Cat Grass. Often purchased as seeds in a container, all the owner has to do is add water, place in a sunny location, and wait a few days. Soon they will have a tray of cat grass that any indoor cat will enjoy.

4.  Pet Portrait. Arrange for a professional pet photographer to photograph their pet. Similarly take a good picture and have an pet artist draw or paint a portrait of the cat.

5.  Crystal Cat Litter. This might not go over well with every cat owner, but for people who have never tried this type of litter, a gift of it might be enough to convince them to switch. Crystal cat litter is tops for odor control, look for it in chip form rather than in bead form. The beads tend to roll around. You can make this gift more appealing by gifting it to the cat rather than the owner.

6.  Honeysuckle Toys. Most cat owners are familiar with cat nip, but few know about the wonders of honeysuckle. Special varieties of this shrub produce scents that appeal to cats who react to it in ways that are somewhat similar to cat nip, but without the accompanying aggression.

7.  Gift Certificates. If the pet is a new kitty, the owner may appreciate certificates towards paying for veterinary care, such as vaccinations and getting it spayed or neutered. Other gift certificate options may be for pet supply stores for the purchase of food or items of their choice. Look for a specialty pet store, one that has healthy pet food and treats.

8.  Clothing for the Cat Owner. You can look at pet supply stores for items such as shirts with such things as “I Love my Persian” or “I Love my Manx”. You can even find shirts that say “I Love my DSH”. For those who are not familiar with cat terms, DSH is a regular, non-papered, "domestic short haired" cat. DMH, for medium hair, and DLH for long hair. These kinds of shirts make the cat owner proud even when they are not home with their pet. If you cannot find clothing, look for mugs with cats on them. 

9.  For the New Cat Owner. Try buying some quality starter items, such as stainless steel bowls, a cat safety collar, toys, carrier, or even a good quality food. A book about basic care is also a good thing.

10.  For the Cat Owner with Everything. Some people just do not want gifts, for these folks you can make a donation to your local cat shelter in their name, or better yet, in the name of their cat. Give the cat owner a card (with a cat on it of course) and a note to say a donation was made in their name (or pets name) to the shelter.

There you have it, a good list of ideas for the cat owner in your life. 

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