Things You Can Do with Corn Starch

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What else can you use corn starch for? You might be surprised!

Corn starch is a wonderful and natural kitchen product.  You can use corn starch for more than thickening your broth.  You can use it in household projects, home remedies, beauty and grooming.  You can also use corn starch in your laundry and other housecleaning tasks.  Do you need to find things for your kids to do?  Corn starch can also be used for arts and crafts, and other pastimes.

Household projects

Do you have roach problems?  I know down here in the south part of the USA you will see a roach no matter how clean your home is.  Mix equal parts corn starch and plaster of Paris.  Sprinkle this dry mixture in crevasses and cracks.  The roach will eat it because the corn starch is sweet and they will turn into little roach statues.

If you have a mouse problem, you can mix corn starch in with yellow corn meal or oats, make a paste with it and put it on the mouse trap.  The smell will attract the mice right into your trap.  

Trouble with ants?  You can use corn starch to line the paths that ants come in.  For some unknown reason ants will not cross the corn starch path.

Stains and spots can be removed quickly by rubbing some corn starch into the surface.  Put some dry starch on grease and let sit for an hour or so then brush off and launder as usual.  Make a paste of corn starch and rub onto blood stains.  Let the corn starch/blood dry and flake off, the paste will pull the blood out of the material. 


Do you like fluffy omelets?  Just sprinkle a teaspoon of corn starch into your eggs when you are mixing them and your omelets will be the envy of any French cook.  When you find that you need two eggs but only have one, you can add corn starch to replace the missing egg.  If you have a big clump of marshmallows you can sprinkle a little corn starch into the bag and shake it up.  It will help release them from each other.  If you are a baker, you can use corn starch instead of flour to roll out your pie crust or cookie dough.  It works better with less, and cleans up easier.

Burns and Bites

If you got a burn while cooking, or someone in your home has a bad bug bite, you can make the sting go away with a paste made of corn starch and lemon juice.  Just mix 3 parts corn starch to one part juice.  Mix into a paste and apply over the sting or burn.  You will feel relief because of the cooling effect of the corn starch as it dries on the injury.

Personal Aid

If you want to keep your hands dry when you are working out in the yard or garden rub a tablespoon of corn starch on your hands. It will eliminate sweaty palms and help you to reduce the potential for blisters.  

Corn starch can help stave off athletes foot too!  Just sprinkle a little in your shoes and it will help to keep your feet dry.  Damp feet are a breeding ground for athletes foot.

Grooming can be done too!  If you have problems with oily hair, sprinkle a little corn starch on your brush and work it through your hair.  The starch will remove the excess oil and give your hair a healthy shine at the same time!

Deodorant can be made using equal parts of corn starch and baking soda with a pinch of ground cloves.  Apply to underarms.  If you would rather, add a little perfume to the mixture to give a lovely scent.


Corn starch makes a wonderful baby powder.  It is less likely to clump up like baby powder and helps to keep moisture from your baby's sensitive behind.  It also does not come with the perfumes that some babies may be allergic to.  You can also use corn starch on the baby's creases to help reduce heat rash in the summertime.  

Stuffed toys can be refreshed by sprinkling some corn starch on the toy and let it sit for fifteen minutes.  Brush or vacuum off and the toy will smell fresh and clean.  

It is amazing how many uses a simple box of inexpensive corn starch has!  Many things can be cleaned or freshened up with this simple and lightly abrasive substance.  Give corn starch a try around your home!


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