The Top 5 Most Common New Year's Resolutions (And How to Keep Them)

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New year, new you? We've gathered the top five most common New Year's resolutions, and a whole lot of ways to help you stick to them!

the top 5 most common new years resolutions and how to keep them

Get healthy

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit, or just feel better all around, focusing on your health and wellness is a great way to kick the year off right! Check out the picks below for some of our favorite ways to boost our minds and bodies:

  • is Knoji users' favorite fitness subscription box, and it's easy to see why! Its comprehensive variety of high-quality workouts are fast, effective, and easy to follow. Even better? They're currently offering 35% off and a free gift with the code "NEWYEARNEWYOU." Click here to find out more about!

  • Vi Trainer
    Make 2020 the year you, like, get really into running. Vi Trainer is a fitness app that offers personal coaching, community runs, and exciting achievements, designed to make every run a victory. Click here to find out more about Vi Trainer!

  • Calm
    Wellness isn't all about how often you run or what you weigh. Taking care of your mind is important, too! For a more relaxing way to improve your health, check out Knoji users' favorite meditation app, Calm, which offers guided meditations, expert-led Calm Masterclasses, and relaxing Sleep Stories. Click here to find out more about Calm!

the top 5 most common new years resolutions and how to keep them

Tidy up

Clutter getting you down? Enjoy a fresh start in 2020 with a clean, organized living space! Take a look at our picks below for some great ways to get everything in order:

  • Handy
    Cleaning and organizing your whole house can be a huge undertaking. Accomplish your goals without breaking your back by hiring a professional from Handy to help you out. Handy helps you hire experts in the arts of cleaning, organization, repairs, and more. If you need help with it, they probably have someone who knows how. Click here to find out more about Handy!

  • A new robot vacuum
    Keeping the floor clean doesn't have to be a challenge. Grab yourself a friendly new robot vacuum cleaner to keep your surfaces spotless... and maybe even make a new friend. Knoji users love the LG Hom-Bot, the iRobot Roomba, and the Ecovacs DEEBOT, but there are plenty to choose from depending on your budget and needs. Click here to find out more about robot vacuums!

  • A new planner
    Turn the page on 2019--it's time for 2020, and all of the activities, goals, and dreams that come with it. And what better way to keep everything organized than with a brand-new planner? Knoji users love getting their planners from BestSelf Co, Erin Condren, and Passion Planner, but you can click here to check out even more options!

the top 5 most common new years resolutions and how to keep them

Learn something new

One of the most common resolutions out there? Pick up a new skill or hobby! Expand your horizons with some of our faves below:

the top 5 most common new years resolutions and how to keep them

Read more

Reading! It's a wonderful activity that strengthens your brain and delights your imagination--but sometimes, it can be a real struggle to do as often as we should. Check out our favorite ways to snuggle up with a good story, and never feel like you don't read enough again!

  • Audible
    There are a lot of reasons you might not want to read a physical book. Fortunately, Audible is here to help. Whether you want something to listen to on your morning commute, or you just prefer to have your stories in audio form, Audible has a book for any interest. Click here to find out more about Audible!

  • Book of the Month
    Do you have a tough time picking a new book to read? Book of the Month will solve the problem for you in the most fun way possible--a monthly subscription box! Choose from five expert-curated books each month for a guaranteed good time, at less than the cost of buying a book in a standard bookstore. Click here to find out more about Book of the Month!

  • Kindle
    Whether you don't have a ton of space, you travel a lot, or you just like the convenience of ebooks, the Amazon Kindle may be the perfect reading tool for you. Select from a huge range of ebooks and enjoy the functionality of a book that can save your place for you. Click here to find out more about Kindle!

the top 5 most common new years resolutions and how to keep them

Save money

Reducing spending can be a real drag. Fortunately, here at, we make it easy. Use our Store Feature Finder to see what stores offer what potentially money-saving perks, and check out the Promo Code Finder for all the latest and greatest deals in online retail. 

Want a few more ways to help keep your spending down this coming year? Living in 2020 has made saving a breeze, thanks to all of the great apps designed to help you budget. Check out Knoji user faves Mint, Mvelope, and You Need A Budget, or click here to see even more options!


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