The Siblings of King Henry V

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King Henry V siblings. Thomas Lancaster, Duke of Clarence. John Lancaster Duke of Bedford. Humphrey Lancaster Duke of Gloucester. Blanche of England. Philippa of England.Brother of Henry V. Sister of Henry V. First Duke of Clarence. First Duke of Gloucest

King Henry V was the second king of the Royal House of Lancaster.

He was the second son of Henry Bolingbroke and his wife Mary de Bohun and was formerly known as Henry of Monmouth, the fourth English Prince of Wales.

Henry had an elder brother Edward, who had been born two years previously but had only lived for a few days.

He was interred at Monmouth Castle in Wales.

Henry's mother died in 1394 whilst delivering his youngest sister Philippa.

His father became King Henry IV, first monarch of the House of Lancaster five years later in 1399.

His father married Joan of Navarre in 1403, but they had no children.

His father died ten years later in 1413, when Henry took the throne as King Henry V.

Henry's family history along with the other House of Lancaster monarchs is a fascinating story.

Henry had five siblings, three brothers and two sisters all of whom were born between 1387 and 1394.

Below is a small resume of their family history. 

Thomas Lancaster 1st Duke of Clarence was born in November 1387.

He married Margaret of Holland in 1411 with whom he had no issue, but it is said he had one illegitimate son Sir John Clarence.

Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Holland and Alice Fitzalan and the widow of John Beaufort with whom she had six children.

Thomas was killed on the 22nd of March 1421 at the Battle of Bauge, France at the age of 34.

He had led the English defensive against the French and the Scots along side his son Sir John.

He was slain by Scot Sir John Carmichael of Douglasdale.

His son Sir John Clarence accompanied his father's body back to Canterbury in England for buriel.

He was interred at Canterbury Cathedral. 


John Lancaster 1st Duke of Bedford was born on the 20th of June, 1389.

From 1422 Bedford had been the King's regent in France, where he was Governor of Normandy until 1432.Whilst there he founded the University of Caen.

He married Anne of Burgundy, daughter of John, Duke of Burgundy and Margaret of Bavaria at Troyes in France in 1423.

It was Bedford who in 1431 had Joan of Arc both tried and executed.

His wife Anne died in childbirth in Paris in 1432 at the age of 27.They had no children.

On the 14th of November 1433 he married Jacquetta of Luxembourg, daughter of Peter I, Count of St Pol, Conversano and Brienne and Margaret de Baux of Andria.

Jacquetta was widowed two years later in 1435 with the couple having had no children.

John died at his home, the Castle of Joyeux Repos in Rouen, France on the 14th of September 1435 at the age of 46.

He was interred at the Cathedral at Rouen.

Despite being married twice he died without issue although he did leave an illegitimate daughter, Lady Mary Plantagenet. 

Two years after being widowed, Jacquetta married Sir Richard Woodville with whom she had 16 children, one of which became the wife of the future King Edward IV and became Queen Elisabeth of England.


Humphrey Lancaster 1st Duke of Gloucester was born on the 3rd of October 1390.

Gloucester was the regent for Henry VI, and was well respected both by the royal family and members of the government

He married Jacqueline Of Hainaut, daughter of William VI Count of Hainaut and Margaret of Burgundy, in 1422.

Jacqueline gave birth to a stillborn child in 1424 and they had no other children.

Their marriage was annulled in 1428, and Jacqueline died in 1436 completely disinherited.

It was also in the year of his divorce from Jacqueline that Humphrey commissioned the building of The Palace of Placentia in Greenwich Park, London, which became the birthplace of many of the Tudor royals, including Henry VIII, Mary Tudor and Elisabeth I.

At around 1430 Humphrey married his long term mistress Eleanor Cobham, daughter of Sir Reynard 3rd Duke of Cobham and Eleanor Culpepper.

The couple already had two illegitimate children from their affair, Arthur Plantagenet and Antigone Plantagenet, future Countess of Tankerville.

In 1441 Eleanor was accused, tried, admitted to and subsequently imprisoned for witchcraft and sorcery in an attempt to kill the king.

Apparently she had been caught with a wax effegy of the king, into which she was sticking pins.

Her marriage was annulled and she was imprisoned in Peel Castle on the Isle of Man, where she lived until her death in 1452 at the age of about 50.

This led to Gloucester falling from favour with Margaret of Anjou, who became elemental in Gloucester's arrest for treason. After having lived a life of popularity from other royals, the government and the general masses Humphrey died from a stroke, supposedly brought on by the shock of having been arrested for treason, on the 20th of February 1447 at Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

He died three days later on the 23rd of February at the age of 56.

He was interred at St Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire.

The Duke of Gloucester was an ancestor of Elisabeth Bowes - Lyon, Queen Consort to King George VI and mother of Queen Elisabeth II, making the present royal family a direct line from King Henry IV. 


Blanche of England was born at Peterborough Castle in Northamptonshire in 1392.

She married Louis III, Elector of Palatine in 1402, at Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

They had one son, Rupert (Ruprecht) Prince of Palatine who was born on the 22nd of May 1406 at Heidelberg in Germany.

Whilst pregnant with her second child Blanche contracted a fever and died on the 22nd of May, in 1409 in Haguenau, Alsace, at the age of 17.

She is buried at St Mary's church, Neustadt in Palatine.

Her son Rupert died aged 19 in 1426, unmarried and without issue. 


Philippa of England was born at Peterborough Castle on the 4th of June 1394.

It was during her birth that her mother Mary passed away.

When she was just 12 years old on the 26th of October 1406, she married Eric of Pomerania, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

She became his Queen Regent, where she took upon the job of overseeing all three countries during her husband's many absences. She was considered more efficient at many issues of state than her husband and eventually began to take charge even when her husband was not abroad.

She gave birth to a stillborn boy sometime in 1429. They had no other children.

Philippa died on the 7th of January 1430 whilst away on official business, aged 35.

She was interred at the Cloister Church in Vadstena, Linkoping, Sweden.




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