The Magical Items of the Drizzt Novels.Part 1

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This is a list of the magical items from the Legend of Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore. Drizzt's scimitars, Wulfgar's hammer Aegis-Fang etc.One of the things that make the Drizzt novels so compelling are the magical items that become part of the story and

The Magical Items of the Drizzt Novels by R.A. Salvatore.

     One of the things that make the Drizzt novels so compelling are the magical items that become part of the story and we find ourselves caring about them as much as the characters themselves. There are both good and evil items, some sentient some just powerful. Here is a list of most of them and I will update it as I find them in the books and as the books continue to get published.

Guenhwyvar – The magical panther that is Drizzt’s best friend makes her first appearance in the second chapter of The Crystal Shard( Guenhwyvar is mostly easily described as the essence or spirit of the panther. Her home is on the astral plane and she can be summoned to Drizzt side, from the inches tall Black Panther figurine, for more or less a half a day out of every two days. In physical form she is a sleekly muscled six hundred pound cat but she is smarter and seems to be able to understand not only directions from Drizzt but can discern her own path and fit into a fight to perfectly compliment Drizzt’s fighting style. She is not only Drizzt’s best friend but also plays the role of his conscience from time to time. Drizzt first encountered Guenhwyvar in Underdark when her then owner Masoj Hun’ett set the cat out to track and kill the peaceful gnomes. Drizzt comes to know Guenhwyvar through hours of patrols and he eventually takes the figurine from Masoj. Guenhwyvar is as much a companion of the hall as a magical item.

Crenshinibon – The first Drizzt book in print is named for this most evil of artifacts, The Crystal Shard. We find out about its creation in the Prelude of the book. This incredibly powerful artifact was created centuries ago by seven liches, powerful undead beings, who combined their powers to create it and were actually consumed by it during that construction. Errtu the great Balor demon covets the shard and strives to posses it. Crenshinibon feeds off the suns power and can create large crystal towers in its own image. The tower form of Crenshinibon is called Cryshal-Tirith. It is devious and intelligent and wants nothing more than to dominate everything around it. It is evil in the extreme and makes several appearances throughout the 20 books. It is finally destroyed in The Ghost King after joining with a dracolich.

Icingdeath – Is the name given to the first of two magical scimitars found and wielded by Drizzt. Drizzt recovers the scimitar from the hoard of the white dragon known as Ingeloakastimizilian also known as Icingdeath which is where Drizzt got the name, though it didn’t get its name until the book Passage to Dawn. It has the power to protect its wielder from fire and when used against extra planer entities of fiery origin such as the demon Erttu, it deals out cold damage. It has a powerful magical enhancement to make it more accurate and damaging. It also has the ability to extinguish magical fire. Drizzt usually wields Icingdeath in his right hand.

Twinkle – Given to Drizzt by Malchor Harper in The Halfling's Gem (, Twinkle was according to Malchor “forged by the elves of a past age”. Its edge is magically enhanced and it emanates a blue glow when held. It is magically balanced and does incredible damage to the foes of the goodly races. Malchor goes on to explain that “It was forged in the magic of the powers that all the surface elves hold dear, of the stars and the moon and the mysteries of their souls…”.

Aegis-Fang – Crafted by Bruenor Battlehammer for his adopted son Wulfgar in chapter 11 of The Crystal Shard. Once in a life time a dwarf will create a weapon that is his best work, the pinnicle of his career at the forge. Once this weapon is made a dwarf may never take to the forge again. Aegis-Fang is the king of Mithril Hall’s greatest creation. Created in a single evening at a secret forge, Bruenor poured all his talent and craftsmanship into this war hammer. Coated with magic diamond dust, the head is carved with symbols representing all three dwarven gods. Aegis – Fang has the power to return to the hand that threw it. Wulfgar often leads, to devastating effect, with it into battle and many enemies including giants have fallen from that first blow. Other foes will pick him out as unarmed when they have seen him throw it and attack only to find that it has returned to his hands. Wulfgar loses the hammer for a time in the book Spine of the World when Josi Puddles takes it from a drunken Wulfgar and sells it to some female pirates. These pirates use the unique carvings in the head to brand their members. Drizzt and company recover it in the Book Sea of Swords.

Taulmaril The Heart Seeker- The Bow of Anariel – Originally gifted to Clan Battlehammer by The Lady Anariel and kept in the Hall of Dumathoin, it was found by Cattie-brie in the Book Streams of Silver ( when the companions entered the sacred hall of heroes only to find that the dragon Shimmergloom had penetrated the walls and the hall had been sacked. The bow was the only thing that remained and Cattie- brie had spied it under some rubble. The bow itself lends accuracy and distance for the archer and the quiver never runs out of the silver streaking arrows that it fires. The arrows have a devastating impact and can shoot through solid stone. We get a future glimpse of Drizzt in the Beginning of The Orc King and the bow has transferred into his possession.

The Ruby Pendant – The Ruby Pendant makes its first appearance in the beginning of The Crystal Shard. Regis uses the ruby to sway the leaders of Ten Towns into uniting against the barbarian hoard. The pendant is empowered with a charm spell and when Regis starts it to spinning he usually gets his way. We find out in Streams of Silver that Regis is in Ten Towns because he is on the run from the leader of the thieves’ guild in Calimport, Pasha Pook. Pokk dispatches Artemis Entreri to collect both the pendant and the Halfling that took it.

This is the end of part 1. See Part 2 to include the following: Cutter , Drizzt’s anklets , The Mask, The Drizzt Seeking Locket, Starlight Headband at

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